Monday, August 1, 2016

On foot from The Peak down to Wan Chai (Photo-essay)

How does one get from The Peak down to Wan Chai?  Most people would opt to do by road on a bus or taxi.  But if you like to get some exercise in along the way, there is the option to hike down via a number of routes, including the circuitous one that a friend and I took us through Pok Fu Lam Country Park and Aberdeen Country Park to Wan Chai Gap before going straight down to Wan Chai via the ultra steep Wan Chai Gap Road.

After I got back home later that day, I found that my pedometer had recorded my having taken over 20,000 steps!  Also pleasing to me was that along with the workout, I had managed to see some cool and/or interesting sights along the hike; and this even though the afternoon was far from being as high visibility as other ones spent out hiking in Hong Kong have been...

Pok Fu Lam Country Park has an entrance 
What this means is that just meters away from 
the touristy shopping mall can be found beautiful 
wild flowers and other wonders of nature!
Look closely about you when out hiking in Hong Kong and you're 
likely to spot critters like this butterfly/moth around too! 
I have to say that I've yet to see anyone riding 
a horse on a country path in Hong Kong!
Our destination that afternoon wasn't Aberdeen but we did
get to within sight of that southern Hong Kong Island town
It never ceases to amuse me how stick insects don't seem
to realize that they're pretty easy to spot when strolling along
-- or just plain hanging (out) on -- a metal railing ;b
Something else I've definitely noticed is how caterpillars
seem partial to using railings as their version of highways! ;) 
which now is home to an environmental resource center :)

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