Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Devil's Peak and its surroundings' many attractions (Photo-essay)

A couple of months ago, news came off a hiker dying after falling off Devil's Peak into the waterHaving been up this 222-meter-high peak three times now, I think this hill is far easier to hike up than its name get's one thinking.  At the same time, I can see how, if one wants to make things harder for oneself, there are ways to do so on this hill close to Lei Yue Mun that's a favorite not only of hikers and military history buffs (the latter because of the ruined redoubt that lies atop it) but rock climbers.

In particular, on the most recent occasion that I visited the area, I came across a rock climbing route that I personally would never go along.  As it was, the closest to danger that I actually felt that I was this time around was when a couple of fierce-acting, loudly barking dogs temporarily barred the way to the scenic area east of Lei Yue Mun village and under the shadow of Devil's Peak that the friend I was with that day and I eventually did manage to get to!

Devil's Peak, as seen from the Sai Wan Ho waterfront
over on the Hong Kong Island side of Victoria Harbour
A view of Hong Kong Island (including Sai Wan Ho
and Mount Parker) from Devil's Peak
A nearby service reservoir with a rooftop area that I found 
eye-catching (and appears environmentally greener than most)
 After getting to the top of Devil's Peak, it's tempting to 
sit a while and admire the scenic views to be had from there :)

As the existence of this rope attests to though, there are
people who seek more of an adrenaline rush at Devil's Peak!
The rocky eastern edge of Devil's Peak attracted just a fisherman
the day I went there but could easily tempt hikers seeking
more thrills than the hill's paved paths can offer
For this shutterbug, however, wandering about this level area
as well as up and down Devil's Peak paved paths was fine enough!
This especially since I got cool shots and views of goings on
on the water nearby as well as on land :)


alejna said...

Wonderful photos! I always enjoy getting to see the views you come across on your hikes. (And now I'm finally back to comment on your blog again. Sorry I've been gone so long!)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Devil's peak was a redoubt with some gun emplacements. Do you know there was an older battery closer to the sea called Pottinger Battery? (https://goo.gl/maps/qKpMqr4DryN2) It is labelled in Google Maps and that's the two horse-shoe shape structure. Probably just up the knoll above the sea-side quarry you've been to.


YTSL said...

Hi Alejna --

Welcome back to the blogosphere and nice to see you commenting on my blog once more! :)

Hi T --

I did check out a battery closer to the sea on this hike. Parts of it look to have become a makeshift shrine. Think it was the Gough Battery rather than Pottinger Battery though.