Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A rare Tsing Yi hike (Photo-essay)

Tsing Yi is a Hong Kong island which I pass over far more often than I visit; this not least because the MTR's Airport Express as well as Tung Chung lines go through it.  In fact, I could count on the fingers of one hand how many times I've actually been to Tsing Yi -- and on my first visit there, more than two years after moving to Hong Kong, I actually didn't venture outdoors even for a minute as I had gone there to hang out with Hello Kitty and co at the temporary Sanrio Village that had been installed in an area mall!  

Even after hearing of the existence of the Tsing Yi Nature Trails, I didn't think much about doing any hiking on the island since that official trail is just 4 kilometers long.  But one weekend after recovering from a cold, and my hiking buddy from problems with his knees, he and I figured we could go there for what would be a fairly easy excursion, even after we tacked on a stroll along the waterfront promenade from the MTR station to the official trailhead at Cheung Shue Tau... ;)

A view of Tsuen Wan (including its Nina and Teddy Towers)
from Tsing Yi's waterfront promenade
Signage that's more artistic than usual? ;b
This short hike gives a bit of a workout
since there are many stairs to climb along it!
One of the three pavilions in the area marks the 
northwestern end point of the trails

Not the usual sight one expects to see (or photo one expects
to take) while hiking on a designated nature trail ;)
Some day, I'll go back there to get a better view of
the Tsing Ma Bridge than we got that hazy afternoon :S
As things stood, conditions that afternoon made one of the oil depots 
on the island appear more visually attractive that day!
 Still, lest there be any doubt, there were indeed some
interesting natural sights (such as those thin-trunked trees)
on view in Tsing Yi that afternoon ;b


Anonymous said...

Hi ytsl,

Fun photo essay. Love the hazy photos for their subject matter and look-different than your usual photos.

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

I'm glad you enjoyed this photo essay. The photos taken on this Tsing Yi hike do look different from my normal hike pics -- both because of the hazy conditions and also because the trail's so close to super urban parts of Hong Kong.