Friday, October 14, 2016

Hobby drones -- more commonplace than novelty item in Hong Kong these days?

A man from the future spotted out in 
the Hong Kong countryside?
Actually, it's "just" a contemporary hobbyist 
and his smooth flying drone! ;b
It's interesting how a piece of technology can go from novelty to commonplace these days.  I think here not only of smartphones but also computers since -- as I have divulged to a number of shocked young adults -- my first year at college, I typed out term papers on an electric typewriter, and didn't feel it necessary to own a computer of my own until my second year or so of graduate school.  

And after having spotted drones flying in the air on a number of occasions while strolling about in the Hong Kong countryside over the past year, I'm getting to realizing that these unmanned aircraft aren't such rare sights any more -- and, also, that they look to have crossed from the realm of professional tool to leisure equipment for what appears to be a not inconsiderable amount of individuals here in the Big Lychee!  
If truth be told, I can't quite pinpoint the first time I saw a drone in flight.  But I distinctly remember seeing a drone utilized to take video footage from above of the thousands of people assembled at Occupy Admiralty one evening in late 2014, and also spotting one being flown along with other remote controlled aircraft by hobbyists enjoying an afternoon out on the banks of Lower Shing Mun Reservoir after a friend and I got there on a hike that began from the main reservoir up on higher elevation and concluded in Tai Wai.
Still, it wasn't until earlier this year that I mentioned drones for the first time on this blog.  And today's blog post is my very first that contains photos of a drone and its controller (including together in a single photo that I'm quite chuffed about having managed to capture)!  About time, right? ;b  

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