Sunday, October 16, 2016

Full moon over Hong Kong

Full moon over Tai Hang last month
Full moon over Hong Kong tonight :)
As I was making my way home after spending a few enjoyable hours watching the Tai Hang fire dragon in action one month ago to the day, I came across several people standing about and training their cameras up at the sky.  Automatically, I looked up to see what had caught their attention -- and saw the sight of a beautiful full moon in the night sky; one which I, too, sought to capture images of with my camera -- only to feel unable to do that stunning sight sufficient justice.
Still, when I came across a group of people trying to take photos of the full moon over Wan Chai earlier tonight, I couldn't help but feel inclined to follow suit and try my luck again.  While the results still aren't as satisfying as when I managed to snap a photo of the moon in which its craters can be seen on its face a few years back, I'm happy enough this time around.  
At the very least, after all, I now have images to go with my memories of lovely clear skies on two full moon nights in a row here in Hong Kong; a state of affairs which absolutely cannot be taken for granted, especially in view of typhoons being prone to lurk about in the area in September and October, even if they aren't peak typhoon season months.  (And in fact, yet another typhoon warning is in effect as I write this blog post, and the Hong Kong Observatory currently is tracking two typhoons -- Sarika and Haima -- as this point in time!)


Bill said...


Like many people, I never fail to get excited whenever I see the full moon in the night sky. If the moon can affect the tides and since our bodies are supposed to be nearly 75 percent water, then it may also possibly affect our emotions...Looking at your photos on this post, I immediately think of Chang-o (Chang'e).


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Interesting comments! And, actually, whenever I see the (full) moon, I tend to think of the moon rabbit rather than the moon goddess (or, for that matter, the man on the moon)... ;b