Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hiking in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year :) (Photo-essay)

On the third day of Chinese New Year last year, I went hiking in southwest Lantau with two friends.  In light of how nice today's weather turned out to be (with the humidity levels having gone down and the gray mist and fog of the past two days having lifted by the afternoon), part of me wishes that I had gone hiking again on the third day of this Chinese New Year of the pig.

Still, it wasn't as though I didn't have a good time checking out my second Chinese New Year movie of 2019 this afternoon.  And I did also enjoy a good hike up in the Sai Kung Peninsula on the first day of Chinese New Year two days ago, which the following photo-essay (the first Hong Kong hiking photo-essay I'm putting up since last September!) commemorates:-
but the first time I saw this helpful handmade sign :)

I like this hiking trail a lot but it's not one I'll go on during 
the rainy season as sections on it probably would be 
water logged then, if not actually under water!
A noticeably hairy as well as beautiful butterfly
spotted nestling atop a clump of green leaves :)

The surrounding countryside remains mostly green but 
each time I return to the area, I do see more buildings at Tai Tan
  Something else noticeably different from the last time
I hiked along the trail was that a section of it had fallen 
into disrepair, probably a victim of Severe Typhoon Mangkhut :S
 Lots of tents spotted at one of the Wan Tsai Peninsula's 
two campgrounds this Chinese New Year!

Meanwhile, Hoi Ha village was quiet that day and
Hoi Ha Wan appeared positively serene!

The sight of cows lying on the road provide a good measure
of how quiet things were -- and the sight of a man stroking a calf
how placid and used to humans they appear to be! ;b

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