Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Intriguing sights in a by-now familiar part of Tai Tam Country Park (Photo-essay)

Since I last went hiking on the Sai Kung Peninsula on the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Pig, I've watched five movies on a big screen -- four of them Hong Kong productions!  I've already reviewed two of them (see here and here) and plan to review the two others over the next few days.  But I'd also like to "work" a bit on my hiking photo backlog.  

So here's going back in time to a hot and super humid summer's day that saw me sweating buckets while getting quite the stair master-style workout in Tai Tam Country Park and putting up a photo-essay to remind me that, in addition to vistas involving multiple steps leading up Siu Ma Shan and Mount Butler, I also did come across other interesting sights while enjoying hiking that day with a couple of friends in tow... :)
 Among the more intriguing "finds" of that day's hike was what 
appeared to be a private shrine in a corner of the country park...

Actually more unexpected was the sight of water bubbling up from cracks 
in the rocks by the section of the Wilson Trail leading up Siu Ma Shan!
View from green Siu Ma Shan of the city down below
and across Victoria Harbour :) 
The view to the south is so much greener and idyllic...
Looking eastwards from the summit of Mount Butler
over across to Mount Parker and beyond
A tree with unexpectedly bare branches caught my eye 
on our way down Mount Parker Road
Damselfly delicatedly balanced on a tree's bare branch
 I hope it didn't suffer the fate of this dragonfly in the hands of this  
Golden Orb Weaver (which was large but still not the biggest I've seen)! :O

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