Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seasons greetings and festive fun! :)

Gudetama and co wish you a Merry Eggs'mas
here in the Big Lychee!

 A more traditional Christmas scene 

This time last year, I was holidaying in Amsterdam with my German friend, doing such as visiting the Rijksmuseum (which, amazingly to my mind, is open on Christmas Day).  One year on, I've spent the bulk of the day showing two cousins -- one visiting from Melbourne, another from Singapore -- and two friends who also came abroad around Hong Kong.

On an unseasonably warm winter day (whose temperature hit a high of 23 degrees Celsius in parts of the territory this afternoon), we feasted on dim sum at Mott 32, and then on goose and more some hours later at Yue Kee over in Sham Tseng.  In between, we walked off some calories -- including that which I added on at a Christmas Eve party at some other friends' yesterday evening -- on a waterfront stroll from Tsuen Wan to Sham Tseng which retraced a route I went along for the first time earlier this year, on what turned out to be Hong Kong's coldest day in over 60 years

As far as I'm concerned: enjoying good food, ample exercise and plenty of laughs with close company makes for a wonderful holiday recipe.  And I'm grateful that I've had so many such days over the years, in places as diverse as California (where I regularly spent Christmas with friends the last few years of my US sojourn) and, in recent years, Amsterdam, Taipei as well as here in Hong Kong. :)

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