Friday, August 23, 2013

At Sapporo's Mourenouma Park

beautifully reflects the blue sky and its white clouds

 View from the top of Play Mountain of its granite slope
with its rows of stone seats awaiting to be occupied

Before sunset view of the Tetra Mound and beyond 
from the top of the 30 meter high Play Mountain that is
one of Mourenuma Park's major landmarks

As my mother and I neared the end of our Hokkaido holiday, we decided to pay a visit to Mourenuma Park out in northeastern Sapporo. Designed and envisioned by Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi as one collective sculpture, I figured that the 189 hectare park constructed on what used to be waste treatment plant site would be conducive for strolling about.

So it was with some dismay that I noticed that it had begun to rain on the bus leg of our journey to Mourenama Park -- and imagine my relief when the drops stopped falling just before we reached our destination!  After getting off the bus, we made straight for the Glass Pyramid that was the first major landmark of Mourenama Park that we spotted.

Unfortunately, when we got to it, my mother and I were informed that it'd be closing early for the day -- because of the Moere Summer Festival that attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of people to the park.  However, some other attractions, like Play Mountain, remained open -- and so I made a beeline for its 30 meter high peak that looked a lot higher and more formidable to ascent than was in fact the case.

It was so nice and cool up there, if not a tad on the overly breezy side,  that I contemplated staying up there to photograph the sunset.  But my mother was waiting down below, so I got down after taking in the 360 degree sights -- and snapping a few photos to serve as reminders of that overall pretty pleasant time and visit. :)

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