Monday, April 18, 2016

From Tung Chung to Mui Wo on foot (Photo-essay)

Every so often, I take the MTR to Tung Chung to do some hiking on Lantau Island.  Usually, I'll then hop on to a bus from there to take me to a trailhead.  But once in a while, I go on a hike which actually begins in Tung Chung town itself (including one that saw my friends and I pass by Tung Chung Battery and other area sights before traipsing all the way to Tai O along a scenic coastal route).    

Upon discovering that the bus service bus to our planned trailhead near Tai Ho Wan was far less frequent than we would like, a friend and I decided to go ahead and walk over there before hiking over the hill to Mui Wo.  Over the course of doing so, we found ourselves tracking through construction and protest sites.  In other words: we saw more than the usual hike sights even while also seeing (enough of) the usual things that make me really enjoy exploring parts of Hong Kong that I don't venture to all that frequently on a beautiful blue sky day! :)

A pro-Tung Chung sentiment painted on a low wall 

Looking north across the water from Lantau to Castle Peak 
and other parts of the southwestern New Territories

I'm not sure if the route we went on was 100 percent legit but we were 
following a trail that other people obviously had already been on!

View from an unnamed pier near Tai Ho Wan that will in the future

 From the hillside to the south of Tai Ho Wan, one can get
a better idea of how vast the construction taking place near it is

Things look considerably greener and more idyllic over to the south 
of the hill that one has to go over in order to get to Mui Wo

 The Silvermine Bay waterfall had more water
that afternoon than on my previous visits to the area

 Waterfront view of the blue waters
of Silvermine Bay :)

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