Saturday, November 12, 2022

Sunset and Golden Hour views that help show that Hong Kong is really beautiful (Photo-essay)

After a long time of not doing so, I've returned to visiting museums again.  As it so happens, on the two days of the past fortnight that I've gone and visited art museums, I've also been treated to beautiful sky shows by Mother Nature.  The first time around, it was after I got out of the Hong Kong Museum of Art in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Yesterday, it was while I was on the 3rd floor roof garden of M+.  
For the record: yesterday was the last day that entry to M+ was free of charge for Hong Kong residents.  From today on, general admissions cost HK$120 per person and entry to special exhibitions there (like the Yayoi Kusama exhibition which opens today) will cost HK$240.  And while I have enjoyed my visits to M+, I don't think I'll be going there again any time soon (except for the Hong Kong: Here and Beyond section, which remains free of charge through to June 2023 -- and, as it so happens, is my favorite exhibition in the museum)! 

On the other hand, sunsets and their associated Golden Hours remain free to view from a number of vantage points in Hong Kong.  So I plan to view a number of them for some time to come.  Also, I suppose I could try to view a Hong Kong sunrise some time. I actually have never done so to date!  Indeed, the one sunrise I can recall having gotten up to view in recent years -- decades, even! -- has been that which I saw from the top of Jeju's Seongsan Ilchubong back in 2018! :D

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this
spectacular sky over Hong Kong two Mondays ago!

I swear: this photo's not Photoshopped!
By the way, the T3 signal was up when this picture was taken!
But while some might think the sky looked angry,
I just saw it as really beautiful :)
In contrast to that two weeks ago, yesterday's sky 
was calmer (but, to my mind, no less beautiful)
The wonders of zoom lens as well as Mother Nature :b
I think this photo shows full well 
that Hong Kong is really beautiful
The kind of view that makes my heart swell -- 

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