Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On the night of a "blood moon" lunar eclipse*

A view of tonight's moon and the People's Liberation Army's  

A sign spotted at Admiralty earlier this evening
that echoes my sentiments

And if you still want more commentary, go here to check out my friend's latest blog entry over at The Fragrant Harbour! :)

*And if you want to know more about the lunar eclipse, go here!


Anonymous said...

I guess I liked the original "Carry On" message, but, when I started seeing it followed by "and Eat Cake" and "You're Only 80!", I got a bit tired of it, but this is a cool use of the meme.

YTSL said...

Hi RC --

I agree that a lot of the "Carry On" (or, rather "Keep Calm" -- because that's more what I've seen here in Hong Kong) messages emblazoned on t-shirts and such have been lame but that the "love Hong Kong" one is cool.

I didn't actually research the messages' historical origins until seeing you comments -- thanks for bringing that to my attention! Re the poster: notice the umbrellas too? :)

Anonymous said...

It's an awesome use of the meme, definitely. It's an intriguing thing as well, in terms of its origins. I mean, it's totally transformed in tons of ways, some trivial and some rather more potent. I do quite like the umbrella design here, very smart!

YTSL said...

Hi again RC --

One of the interesting things about the Hong Kong protests: the amount of artistic creativity that's appeared to be shared! :)