Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cool critters and other interesting sights on a hike from The Peak down towards Kennedy Town (Photo-essay)

For many (first time) visitors to Hong Kong, a trip up to The Peak is a "must do".  And even if they end up only going to what actually Victoria Gap rather than the very top of Victoria Peak itself or the Peak Circuit, I can see that they will get much out of doing so; especially on a high visibility day.  

But even though I've not become blasé about the scenic views that visits to The Peak yield, it's true enough that I often get more excited by the interesting critters I invariably catch sight of when hiking in the area!  If nothing else, I guess it's a sign of how familiar I've become with this part of Hong Kong from a hiking standpoint; and ditto re my having found several routes down from there that I enjoy going along... ;b

 For some reason, I seem to come across (maybe more than) my fair
share of copulating stink bugs up on The Peak and elsewhere! ;O
But I think it's less of a puzzle why I feel compelled over and
over again to take photos of this grand Hong Kong vista :)
On a hot summer's day, that nice, uncrowded pool 
down below can look pretty enticing... 
...but if I had been down below, I wouldn't have caught sight of
this green stick insect whose camouflage didn't fool me!  
And yes, I think this hairy caterpillar's pretty cool too,
even if it's far easier to spot ;)
Also, I know that big spiders seem scary to a lot of people
but I like them, especially those with cute faces like this one! :)
Another scenic view -- this one complete with an interesting 
cloud formation, and from lower down Victoria Peak
On the way down towards Kennedy Town lies this statue of 
what looks like the Laughing Buddha embedded into the hill

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