Wednesday, January 4, 2023

My first hike of 2023 (Photo-essay)

I seem to be on a roll with regards to avian spottings.  On the second day of the new year, I went on my first hike of 2023.  It's been some months since I last went along it but the trail that takes one from Braemar Hill to Tai Tam Road (via Sir Cecil's Ride and Quarry Gap) is one I've been on multiple times over the years. 
On previous hikes, have seen snakes, wild boars and amorous stink bugs along sections of this route. This time around, it was too cold for snakes and too early in the day for wild boar spottings.  So I had to content myself with bird spottings and beautiful vistas galore -- which is pretty good consolation, all in all, I reckon! ;b
Not the most auspicious sight: an elderly hiker being attended 
to by Emergency Services near my trail head! :O
The thing with a lot a Hong Kong hikes is that they begin 
with an ascent up stairs or an incline of some sort... :S
A less usual visual: the moon in the afternoon sky!
Sunlight on the water of the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir
Lots of birds of the same feather perched on branches of a tree
White wagtails are so cute!
The Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir is 
almost always beautiful to me
Three "moon gates" in the water ;)

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