Monday, May 4, 2015

A kaito ride from Sham Chung to Wong Shek Pier

What glorious views there were to be had on the kaito ride
from Sham Chung to Wong Shek Pier yesterday afternoon! :)

 While cruising along the Tolo Channel, we got to see 
parts of Hong Kong many people haven't seen, never mind visited

 The tops of Tap Mun's visually impressive Tin Hau temple and 
its highest pavilion are visible in this photo

At nearby Ko Lau Wan, a bamboo theatre looks to 
have been erected to celebrate Tin Hau's birthday

Four times a day on weekdays and six times a day on weekends and public holidays, a kaito stops at Sham Chung on the route between Ma Liu Shiu, over on the southwestern side of the Tolo Harbour, and Wong Shek Pier.  And as my hiking buddy and I neared this distant village on the far western side of the Sai Kung Peninsula, I looked at the time and realized that we would be able to catch a ride on the kaito -- and was delighted to find him also all for ending our hike excursion at Sham Chung in favor of a boat journey that wouldn't only save us quite the trek out of there but, also, promise to be on the scenic side!

Sitting on the shaded upper deck and enjoying the breeze as the kaito chugged along felt like a nice reward for our earlier physical exertions.  But rather than fall into a stupor, I felt myself getting all excited by the views that were being offered up -- of hilly green lands, waters that were generally turquoise blue (though once in a while, they'd turn gray and, at other times, silvery or golden), beautiful blue skies (with some nice puffy clouds floating about too) and the occasional village with their dwellings and other buildings mainly facing outward to the water.

It also was nice to see places I had previously hiked to and along (such as Lai Chi Chong, Tap Mun and the ecologically diverse coastal area along which the Tai Tan Country Trail runs through) from the water.  At the same time though, the boat ride got me realizing that there's still so much of Hong Kong I've yet to explore and would like to!  From vantage points -- and on occasions -- like these, Hong Kong can look so very beautiful.  And on days like this, one feels grateful to be alive and able to appreciate all this.  Truly. :


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Hi peppylady --

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