Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unique/funny signs (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

Ever since I moved to Hong Kong close to a year ago, I've been spotting signs that strike me as unique and/or funny -- sometimes due to the mangling of the English language that I suppose is to be expected of a society that is officially tri-lingual, at other times due to Hong Kong being more of a nanny state than I had hitherto realized that it can be, on some other occasions because of the strange juxtaposition of a sign and another piece of material culture, and on yet other occasions due to Hong Kongers displaying a distinct tendency towards the kawaii that rivals the Japanese.

Although I have been meaning for some time now to put up a whole entire photo-essay made up of pictures of these unique/funny signs, I've yet to do so -- partly because I keep on thinking that my collection of such photos remains far from complete. But this week's Photo Hunt gives me the opportunity to share a sample of the photos I've accumulated of these quintissentially Hong Kong as well as unique and/or funny signs -- and I hope that visitors to this blog will excuse the lateness of this particular post especially because they end up deriving a significant no small amount of interest in, and/or amusement from, its contents. :b


Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. I always seem to laugh at the signs that are translated into English from another language they seem to be funnier.

Anonymous said...

I love signs like that :D
Great collection!

I have a bunch of those from Korea and am adding now new ones here in Kuwait - I just love them :D

jmb said...

These are great YTSL. You would think they would get them verified before they spend all that money to have the sign made.
Have a great weekend.rwiqr

Unknown said...

What great choices for the theme! LOL!

TorAa said...

I'm happy I did not swim o my computer this evening LOL

Claudia said...

You definitely captured some "unique" signs!

sarah bailey knight said...


A "nanny state"? Is that not worthy of another blog?

Carver said...

Great take on the theme.

Sarge Charlie said...

excellent collection of signs

Gattina said...

The signs are funny, lol ! mixing up two languages sounds always funny !

YTSL said...

Hi Eaglehawk --

Thanks! :)

Hi Nicole --

I can definitely imagine that there'd be a lot of funny signs to be found in Korea and Kuwait. :DDD

Hi jmb --

Must share that I've sometimes been tempted to go and offer my editing services to those establishments whose signs have incorrect English on them... ;b

Hi Jenty --

Glad my post got you laughing! :)

Hi TorAa --

I'm curious: Is "swim" the equivalent of "surf" in your language?

Hi Claudia --

Glad you think so! :)

Hi sbk --

Interesting suggestion. Let me think about it! :)

Hi Carver and Sarge Charlie --

Thanks! :)

Hi Gattina --

Am not sure about "always" but would agree with "sometimes"... ;b

TorAa said...

Thanks for these signs. LOL.
I'm now warned, when I will visit my daughter in H K later this year.

YTSL said...

Hi again Toraa --

Seems you liked the signs enough to visit twice! And yes, you've now been warned for when you visit your daughter in Hong Kong... :D

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Those are good signs for the Photo Hunt this week!

YTSL said...

Hi cats~goats~quotes --

Glad you agree... and thanks for visiting at this late date. :)

Willow said...

I've seen so many funny English signs. It's never-ending and always a bit humorous.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Saw another funny/unique sign (in English) in Hong Kong today. Am thinking of putting up my photo of it soon, so watch for it. :)