Thursday, May 1, 2008

A second Lawrence Lau interview and much more!

The female star and director of Besieged City

Happy May 1 to you -- especially if, like in Hong Kong, it's celebrated as Labour Day and thus a public holiday! For some reason, am feeling fairly awake early this morning. So rather than treat myself to a lie in, here's bringing you links to my contributions to the May 1 issue of bc magazine:-

i) Troubled Youth in the City of Sadness -- Interview with Besieged City's director, Lawrence Lau (AKA Lawrence Ah Mon) (On a sidenote: If anyone had told me a year ago, that I'd meet and talk to the director of Queen of Temple Street, Spacked Out, My Name is Fame, etc. thrice within a matter of months...! ;b);

ii) Harlequin on a Hike -- Chinese Opera meets Commedia dell' Arte;

iii) Stage Struck -- Indian playback singing superstar Sonu Niigaam;

iv) Utopia -- 40 Years On -- May '68 films and memories;

v) Macau Arts Festival Dining Guide -- Macau cultural eats;

vi) The Editor's Diary for the period covering May 1 to 14;

vii) Happy Funeral review and short interview with director Barbara Wong Chun Chun;

viii) This Darling Life (Angie Chen, director) review;

ix) Besieged City review; and,
special to the internet (since we ran out of space in the hard copy version of the issue!),

x) a Love is Elsewhere review.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Any director who direct films as different as Spacked Out and My Name is Fame is certainly versatile.

When I saw Spacked Out, I figured the director was only in his 20's at best!

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

I'm not sure I'd call Lawrence Lau versatile since it's hard to imagine him making, say, a wuxia movie. OTOH, considering that he got his start in feature films as assistant director to Tsui Hark on "The Butterfly Murders"... ;b

OTOH, would happily call him a real gentleman. I really have enjoyed my conversations with him thus far and feel ever so privileged to have met him thrice already!