Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yellow umbrellas at Borobudur

A saffron-robed monk with a yellow umbrella

Another visitor bearing a yellow umbrella at Borobudur

Not so long ago, I wouldn't have thought much when I saw a yellow umbrella.  Indeed, yellow umbrellas were so not on my mind that I can't actually remember seeing umbrellas of that color before the Umbrella Movement came along.  

In contrast, these days, any yellow umbrella spotting gets etched into my memory and any yellow umbrella spottings anywhere -- including outside of Hong Kong -- get me thinking of the Umbrella Movement.  A case in point: even while I do realize that the Buddhist monk I spotted sporting a yellow umbrella at Borobudur and another visitor doing the same probably didn't have any political motives for doing so, the very sight of them still actually got me catching my breath, warming my heart some, and feeling like my spirit soared a little more just because... ;S

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