Friday, November 21, 2014

Free cool print screenings on offer at Occupy Causeway Bay!

Being offered free of charge at Occupy Causeway Bay

Yep, screen printings on T-shirts!

And yes, there's more than one design to choose from! ;b

Perhaps because it was the very first "Occupied" area of Hong Kong that I visited and did my first protesting at, I have a soft spot for the protest site at Causeway Bay.  Yes, it may seem like a pale version of what it once was, especially after it shrank so much so much that one side of Hennessy Road has been open to road traffic, but I do think that its existence still does serve a purpose -- and mean something to some people.  And yes, I still do make a point to occasionally check out what's going on there.

This evening, in addition to the posters and other items out on open view, and the speakers and their assembled audiences, there was something which I hadn't previously seen at the site before: volunteers print screening t-shirts with Umbrella Movement-themed slogans and imagery.  All people have to do is to buy and then bring their own (preferably plain) T-shirts.  Then they'll be able to have ones emblazoned with words such as "Everything will be okay in the end.  If it's not okay, it's not the end - John Lennon".  

And yes, seeing them got me ruing my not having a T-shirt on me -- and I do hope that this print screening offer will still be on this weekend, as I sure would like to avail myself of it! :)


Bill said...


Glad to see you reporting how print screenings are helping to keep the spirit of the Movement alive...BTW, while visiting the website of the Victoria and Albert Museum to read about the Constable Exhibition, I clicked on Disobedient Objects. This contains two articles by HK photographer-writer Becky Sun, entitled "Umbrella Movement" and "Updates From the Umbrella Movement". Both these photo-essays are worth visiting at

It is gratifying to read about the broadcast of The Election on HKTV. It looks like TVB has some competition. From what I've read the only location outside of HK where you can watch it is in Malaysia. That seems appropriate since I believe Angelica Lee is a Malaysian-born actress.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

I knew about the V&A's "Disobedient Objects" having some Umbrella Movement items, but not about the Becky Sun articles - so thanks for pointing them out.

Re HKTV: it'd be good if it gave TVB some competition but it, alas, is not "free to air" like it had sought to be. Interesting about the Malaysia access -- and yes, Lee Sinje (who actually doesn't like to go by the name Angelica, as I was informed by Kenneth Bi, who had directed her in "The Drummer") is indeed from Malaysia. :)