Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hong Kong nature pics to take the blues away (Photo-essay)

In the past few days, I've met a few American visitors who've told me that they've come over to Hong Kong to escape the insanity of the American Presidential Elections (which is due to take place in a few hours' time; what with the U.S.A. being one day behind Hong Kong on account of being on the other side of the International Date Line from here).  In response, I've told them that the political developments of the last few days have been on the depressing side here too.  

Part of me wants to just stay home and watch Funassyi videos (my equivalent of Hillary Clinton's cat GIF-watching escapism).  I've also found exercise to also help lift my depression somewhat.  In addition, it's therapeutic for me to not just walk and hike but also look at the photos I've taken on hikes.  So, without further ado, here's sharing some images taken on a Tai Lam Country Park trek undertaken on a hotter day than this.  (And yes, I'm also going to try to make myself feel better by focusing on the weather having been gloriously beautiful over the past week or so, and forecast to get pleasantly cooler still over the next few days!)

A hot day's hike in Hong Kong would not be complete without 
some cool critter spottings, like that of this gold dragonfly :)

My, what long antennae this small brown bug has!

The profusion of wildlife is evidenced by a dragonfly
photobombing of a strictly landscape scenery shot! ;b

It's not part of Tai Lam Country Park but a visit to Parents Farm 
(over in the Tsing Fai Tong village enclave) when you are
in the area will only enhance your nature appreciation

 A sight that can instantly gladden the heart

In little things, one can find great beauty

I've seen plenty of dragonflies frequenting lily ponds but this 
absolutely was the first grasshopper I've spotted atop a water lily!

A waterfall in Hong Kong :)

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