Monday, November 28, 2016

A day of low humidity, pleasant temperatures and high visibility that made for a hiker's delight!

Click on the above image to get a wonderful
panoramic view of Hong Kong! 

And again -- and yes, these shots were indeed taken
while hiking on Hong Kong Island :)

As I know I've shared more than once before on this blog: whenever people ask me why I continue hiking in Hong Kong even on super hot (and humid) summer days, I tell them that there usually is a very noticeable difference in visibility levels along with air quality in Hong Kong from season to season; with the summer tending to make up for the high heat and humidity with high visibility, and the winter months tending to have lower visibility levels along with temperatures

Rarely, does one get a day when the temperature, humidity and visibility levels are all on the pleasant side -- but when they do, chances are that they'll be in November, my favorite month of the year here in Hong Kong.  On such prized days, I invariably am unable to resist the urge to venture outdoors and some place close to nature.  Sometimes, the beach calls out to meOn other days, it's the hills.  

And yes, I yielded to the siren calls again this afternoon -- which is when I took the panoramic photos (taken from the top of Mount Butler and Siu Ma Shan respectively) at the top of this blog post!  And believe you me: after not having gone hiking in more than a month for a variety of reasons (including unseasonably rainy weather but also such as my having gone off to Japan for a little more than a week), it really was wonderful to get that hiker's high again today! ;b


peppylady (Dora) said...

I believe May and September would be my favor time in North Idaho. I was thinking about taking a walk today. Off and on rain.
Coffee is on

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

Is May late spring and September early fall where you live? In any event, I'd wager that those are months where the temperatures are neither too hot nor cold. ;)