Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High Junk Peak Country Trail Part II (Photo-essay)

The way I remember it, the High Junk Peak Country Trail hike that my regular hiking companion and I went on close to the beginning of this year (yes, I'm that way behind in terms of putting up photo-essays of hikes I've gone on!) was one of the best I've been on in Hong Kong. But while selecting photos for last week's photo-essay, I got to realizing that the air was not as clear on the day of the hike as I would have liked. Consequently, I not only wish I saw more than I actually did but, also, that the camera could have captured the distant vistas that the naked eye could see but the camera could not.

Nonetheless, I hope that both last week and this week's photo-essays will be able to give a good sense of the sights that could be gleaned over the course of this hike -- one that I'd definitely deem good enough to go on again; only next time, I know to do it when the air is clearer...

Even when viewed from a distance on a not optimally
clear day, I reckon that High Junk Peak's summit
looks formidable and uninviting to most folks

The kind of vista (and trail) that I didn't realize
existed in Hong Kong prior to moving to the Big Lychee

Hiking on a mountain but overlooking the sea

An optical illusion creates the impression that part of
the road below is actually on higher ground
than where I stood when I took this photo!

On the other hand, it alas is all too real that land so close
to the trail and Clear Water Bay Country Park
is being majorly cleared and "developed"

It's not just me who sees a stone pig atop the rock, right?!

Also, if I were to let my imagination loose,
I kinda see a figure lying on the slope... ;b

Alternatively, no imagination is needed to tell you
that this photo shows that we haven't gotten to
the end of the trail by a long shot yet!!!

So, yes, to be continued (and hopefully to the approval of at least a few of this blog's visitors)!!! ;b


ewaffle said...

Stone pig--most definitely. I may have missed the cute little porker when I first looked at the picture looking again makes it unmistakable.

I don't really see the reclining figure although the rock on the far right--farthest up the hill--looks to me like some type of animal with a longish snout. Not a pig or a cow, perhaps a small bear, looking directly at the camera.

YTSL said...

Hi ewaffle --

Wow - I hadn't looked closely at the rock on the far right of the hill photo -- you're right! As for the figure -- I kinda see a big-headed foetus all wrapped up while reclining head down... ;b

sarah bailey knight said...

hi ytsl,

I like these photos of the rocky dirt trail. What was the temperature as you climbed up the steep trails in the first photo?

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Ummm... I declined to climb up that steep trail! (Instead I only walked on the side of High Junk Peak...) Still, if you are wondering, I undertook this hike in January -- so am thinking it was probably 10-15 degrees Celsius when I did so. :)

HKP said...

Looks like a Henry Moore to me, the reclining figure. :)

baroness radon said...

Definitely a pig...my personal year animal.

YTSL said...

Hi HKP --

Hey, that's a good possibility! Trust you to come up with an artistic interpretation! :)

Hi baroness radon --

Am glad you "see" the pig too. :b