Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hiking up to Shek Uk Shan via the Cheung Sheung Plateau and down via Lo Fu Kei Shek (Photo-essay)

If most people were asked to name one peak on the Sai Kung Peninsula, chances are that they'd most likely say Sharp PeakA very distinctive landmark which dominates much of the northern section of the Sai Kung Peninsula, this 468-meter-high presents quite the climbing challenge -- but it's actually not the highest hill in this section of Hong Kong!

Instead, the 481-meter-high Shek Uk Shan it is that has the honor of being the Sai Kung Peninsula's highest hill.  And Shek Uk Shan it was that two friends and I went up one sunny winter's day -- with the ascent from the Cheung Sheung plateau being fairly easy but the descent down to Hoi Ha Road via 235-meter-high Lo Fu Kei Shek being less so... ;S  

Presented with a diversity of choice's at the trail head,
we opted to head uphill to the Cheung Sheung Plateau

 At Cheung Sheung Plateau, we had the option of camping,
getting some refreshments at the store operated by a local resident, 
and/or hanging out with some friendly feral cattle

We, however, opted to press ahead and get scenic views 
like this one of mountains, and blue waters and skies

The landscape to the northwest of Cheung Sheung plateau
is on the rocky and rugged-looking side

The well-defined trail passed through scenic territory

A trignometrical station and signal station 
(as well as helicopter pad) lies atop Shek Uk Shan

A rare bird's eye view view of Pak Sha O village and 
agricultural fields from near the top of Shek Uk Shan

 You'd think it'd be easier to go down the hill than up -- 
but you'd have reckoned without the thick underbrush! :S

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