Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From Shek Kong to Ho Pui - reservoir and village (Photo-essay)

Serious hikers will scoff but some days, I prefer to go on a paved trail that's on the flat side to boot.  This is so after days of rain gets me worried that many unpaved trails in Hong Kong will have turned super muddy and slippery -- and sometimes also have further obstacles in the form of broken tree branches falling to the ground. 

At the same time, I want to scratch that itch to be out and about in the countryside.  And on such days, I opt to go along trails such as that which begins in Shek Kong that I previously took to Ma On Kong.  This time around though, I didn't go all the way along that 11 kilometer route.  Instead, my hiking buddy on that hot and humid day and I elected to end our excursion at Ho Pui

From that Pat Heung area village, we took a green minibus to Yuen Long, where we first headed to a noodle shop and then shared a massive B Chai Grass Jelly dish at Kai Kee Dessert shop -- one of my favorite specialist dessert eateries in the whole of the Big Lychee!  Put another way: it was yet another Sunday where we enjoyed both the time spent hiking and also the post-hike repast! :b

It was a gray and cloudy day but, fortunately,
the rain that threatened to fall didn't!

 Whereas the previous week, I saw a snake near hike's end,
this time around, the snake spotting came early on in the hike, 
and was made even more notable by the critter appearing 
to be comfortable in water as well as on land!

 On clear air days like this, one can see clear across 
the water and border to mainland China

 Lest anyone feel inclined to go into the waters of any of
the reservoirs found along the way... 

 Yes, I do so love it when colorful butterflies
obligingly pose for my camera! :)

Yes, Virginia, there are organic farms in Hong Kong! ;b

we got a lovely view of the top of Tai Mo Shan

On occasions like this, I love that my camera's equiped with 
a zoom lens -- though for the record, this photo was taken with 


sarah bailey knight said...

Hi ytsl,

Very lovely overcast day photos. I like how lush the green look with the gray skys.

StephenC said...

You, particularly your photos, remind me that there is a part of Hong Kong away from the high rises.

YTSL said...

Hi sarah sbk --

Those gray sky and green foliage days are back again. If you want to see this sight in Hong Kong, come over in late spring through to summer! :)

Hi StephenC --

As you know, there's much of Hong Kong that is this way -- it's just the majority of us don't spend that much time in these rural sections of the territory. :)