Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From Ham Tin Wan to Wong Shek Pier (via Chek Keng) (Photo-essay)

My previous photo-essay ended with a photo taken at a beach cafe in Ham Tin Wan where my regular hiking companion and I broke for lunch -- an unusual thing for us as we usually don't eat during a hike, reserving room in our stomachs for a nice dinner later in the day.  But Ham Tin Wan really is so very idyllic that we couldn't help but linger there for a while before resuming our hike and heading northwards up the Sai Kung Peninsula along Section 2 of the Maclehose Trail.

Going uphill to Tai Long Au, we regretted a bit our having added weight in our stomachs courtesy of our Ham Tin lunch (and a bowl of tau fu fah each earlier at Sai Wan).  Still, the splendid views and good hiking company made us feel really happy to be out hiking in Hong Kong that day... :b

 The landscape away from the beach at Ham Tin is still
dominated by Sharp Peak and its neighboring hills

Probably the closest view I'm ever going to get of 
intimidatingly steep Sharp Peak (which a super capable
hiker friend of mine told me she's never been able to descend 
without having to slide at least part of the way on her butt!)

From Tai Long Au, it's easy enough to follow the trail
down to Chek Keng and the neighboring body of water 
known as Chek Keng Hau

It was really cool to see how clear the water
of Chek Keng Hau was -- and how full of silvery fish!
Tai Long Wan is undoubtedly magnificent but Chek Keng Hau 
is not without its own charm -- and it's wonderful
to be able to visit both places in a single afternoon! :b

That approaching boat is the kaito (ferry)

  Scenic view from on board the largely open upper deck 
of the kaito where one also catches wonderful breezes

There's no way one can feel blue when taking in 
this beautiful predominantly blue natural view! :)

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