Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From Wong Nai Chung Gap to Kornhill (Photo-essay)

Before anything else: yes, I'm really behind in posting hiking photo-essays. To give an idea of how far behind I am: I'm only now posting a photo-essay of the September 2010 hike I went on in which I spotted these wild creatures I previously posted about!

So without further ado... except to note that the day my regular hiking companion and I went on that hike was one of those beautiful "after the rain" days: one where the ground was still wet -- so paved trails weren't completely unwelcome -- but conditions were otherwise pretty good for being out and about in Hong Kong's beautifully green outdoors... :)

A large black spider with a "face" on its back spotted
hanging about at one of
the many rest pavilions
to be found within
Hong Kong's country parks

A waterfall flowing into the Tai Tam
Upper Reservoir
atop a landslide area

For Fili who previously asked about waterfalls in Hong Kong
on this blog:
here's a second photo of a gushing waterfall,
albeit another seasonal one, in Tai Tam Country Park :)

People atop the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir's Dam

Slow moving tortoise surrounded by
fast swimming fish
in Tai Tam Upper Reservoir

On Mount Parker Road inside Tai Tam Country Park
headed back and down into the city

Ruined storage facilities dating back (like with
the outdoor stoves that were built but never
actually used) to the second world war period

Near hike's end, we looked back at the ridge
that we had crossed over from the south to the
northern edge of Tai Tam Country Park near


mister bijou said...

Subject, words, photos. . . oh, how I love your hiking photo-essays. Many thanks!

YTSL said...

Hi mister bijou --

Thanks much. You made my day with your comments! :)