Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday in the Hong Kong countryside

Why are these two people running on the beach
wearing cycling helmets and other gear?

Because, like this other pair of athletes, they appear
to be
taking part in a triathlon -- that's why!

It's all relative... What with the weather forecast being cloudy with some rain patches, my regular hiking companion and I were feeling like hardy souls for having elected to go out hiking on this rather gray sky day. And this especially as we didn't see that many other people out hiking on the trail that we were on today.

So, as we approached the end of our hike, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves along with our physical condition since, as a result of not being at all fatigued at the 3 and a 1/2 kilometer stage, we had elected to extend our hiking route for the day from 5 kilometers (
Mui O to Nam Shan) to 9 kilometers (Mui O to Pui O -- i.e., Lantau Trail Stage 12, only backwards).

But while we were in the vicinity of the
Tin Hau Temple in Ham Tin (that was first established in the Ming Dynasty), I spotted people who looked like they had to be super fit to be doing what they were doing -- i.e., participate in what appeared to be a triathlon! (Something else to note: although Hong Kong winter days are admittedly pretty mild by global standards, I sure wouldn't have wanted to plunge into the sea and swim today, even if only for a few meters -- like was the case where one small part of Pui O Beach was separated from a greater other by the mouth of a nearby river!!)

As it so happens, a few minutes after we saw two pairs of triathletes going about their way, an ambulance and two police cars came roaring past us on what had hitherto been a pretty quiet road. (The last couple of kilometers of so of our hike were along a paved road.) Whereupon my hiking companion and I had a similar thought: Did one or more of the triathletes meet with an accident??

In any case, I have to say that there's no way I'm going to be doing a triathlon any time soon. (For that matter, I don't plan on paragliding either!) For one thing, it just looks too dang difficult! For another, rushing around isn't what I really want to be doing on a Sunday -- and especially in the Hong Kong countryside where there often simply is way too much to capture my attention and make me want to pause and take a second, third or even fourth look at what I've just come across -- be it a splendid vista, interesting creature, beautiful flower, funny sign, cool temple, etc., etc., etc.! ;b


Lew said...

Unusaul swiming and running gear, but saves a few seconds at change over.

YTSL said...

Hi Lew --

I wonder if it loses them a few seconds in terms of added weight in the water and such though! ;b