Sunday, December 5, 2010

The highlight(s) of this past week for me :)

I know, I know -- in that this is not what visitors to this blog expect and particularly wish to check out... but do please indulge me. After all, it's not often that I unleash the Gooner in me on this blog. But if you do go ahead and watch the video, I think you'll agree that that it shows a wonder goal being scored: to be precise, the second (and winning) goal by 23-year-old Samir Nasri (of Arsenal and France) in Arsenal's match again English Premier League opponents Fulham yesterday.

As one match commentator (but not the one in the embedded video, alas) lyrically waxed, "More beautiful football from the Gunners... poetry in motion from Samir Nasri!" As another even more hyperbolically declared, "That is a beautifully balanced ballet in a football penalty box!! Marvelous finish!!!" :b

And okay, okay, here's also sharing the following photo taken while out hiking earlier today in Sai Kung West Country Park:-

And yes, despite the weather forecast having been for some haze along with sun, it turned out to be a beautiful as well as unseasonably warm day!


Lisa said...

Great goal and beautiful countryside! Thanks for sharing.

YTSL said...

Hi Lisa --

Thanks for checking out the video as well as this blog post in general -- and am glad you agree about that great goal. :)