Monday, December 29, 2014

Image of the day: Lion Rock, with an Umbrella Movement banner on its face once more!

Seen on my commute to work this morning :)

Around 11am on October 23rd, a group of climbers announced to the police that they'd be unfurling a large banner on the face of Lion Rock, the most iconic of Kowloon's hills.  The sight of the yellow and black "I want genuine universal suffrage" banner -- heck, the very idea by a group of Hong Kongers to put it up there, and the successful implementation of that idea -- galvanised the Umbrella Movement and redefined the Hong Kong dream.

In the days, weeks and months since, similar banners have appeared on other peaks and many other places (including on people's faces!)  Yes, they've only been in place for a short period of time -- but the very fact of their existence has helped to lift spirits.

Up until today, I had only read about these banners and seen them in photos shared online as well as published in newspapers.  But this morning, on what turned out to be a surprisingly clear day (especially considering how low visibility it was for much of yesterday), it was with a start that I realized what I was seeing from the minibus I was taking to work: Lion Rock emblazoned with one more Umbrella Movement banner bearing the message of "I want genuine universal suffrage"!

My apologies for my photo not being as good as I'd like it to be -- and please go here to see a truly glorious photo taken this morning.  Nonetheless, I'd like to share what I saw earlier today that got me all energized and exultant: Lion Rock being used to show that the "can do" Lion Rock spirit is very much alive in Hong Kong!!


Bill said...


Actually I like your photo of Lion Rock taken on your minibus commute. I assume you took this through the glass window of the vehicle.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Yup, took my photo through the glass window of the vehicle!