Sunday, December 28, 2014

Noteworthy sights on a predominantly misty, low visibility afternoon

Call us crazy but my hiking buddies and I decided
to venture out into the countryside despite it being 
on the misty side for much of this afternoon! 

 An unexpected spotting on this hike: an egret in 
a stream running into Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

 Long live the Umbrella Movement!

For the second Sunday in a row, two friends and I went out hiking -- this despite this afternoon's weather turning out to not be as fine as the Hong Kong Observatory had forecasted that it would be.  What with visibility being on the low side for much of our hike as well as it having rained in the morning and also overnight and yesterday evening, we opted to go along a paved path and focused on enjoying getting some exercise and fun conversation rather than scenic and/or interesting sights.

Despite the temperatures being on the cool side, I actually spotted a couple of butterflies flying around this afternoon.  Even more surprising was my coming across an egret in the stream near Kat Hing Bridge -- the first time I've seen this kind of bird in Tai Lam Country Park, in fact!

Also beautiful as far as I was concerned was the sight of a yellow umbrella on a trigonometric station in the country park.  It may not be as noticeable as the huge yellow banners that have been hung in recent months from Lion Rock, Kowloon Peak and Victoria Peak but, to my mind, it helps reinforce the view that supporters of the Umbrella Movement may be everywhere in Hong Kong because there are more of them us around than often is realized. :)


Bill said...

Hi Yvonne,

Looks like you captured some atmospheric moments from your afternoon hike...The top photo is interesting because the two background hikers in the mist contrast with the drawing of the black silhouetted hiker on the concrete wall...The Egret in the photo looks noble, tranquil...I like the bottom photo of the gray stone column and the tiny yellow umbrella on it. The background power transmission tower and the mountains create an interesting depth of field.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Am glad you like all three photos from last Sunday's hike that I've shared on this blog entry. :)