Sunday, January 19, 2014

John Denver was right (about sunshine on the water, that is)!

Shimmering sunlight on the water helps make
a scenic view more special

Lots of light reflecting on the water transforms 
an otherwise mundane scene into one that's pretty beautiful :)

After a few weeks of hazy weather and low visibility, we've been treated in the past week to a few days with noticeably clearer air and bright blue skies.  So imagine my disappointment upon checking the Hong Kong Observatory website's weather information for hiking and mountaineering section this morning and seeing visibility was less than 10 kilometers.  (For comparison, the summer months here in the Big Lychee regularly see visibility of more than 30 kilometers.)

For much of my journey to today's hike destination, things did not look too promising visibility wise.  But as we rolled into southern Lantau, my hiking buddy and I started seeing blue skies and feeling out spirits lifting at the welcome sight.  And although it turned out that the sky wasn't always brilliant blue this afternoon, there still were enough of it together with bright sunlight to warm the cockles of my heart -- and, at one point, warm me enough to get me removing two layers of outer clothing and feeling that it was t-shirt weather despite it actually being the middle of winter!

As the John Denver song goes, "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy" and "Sunshine on the water looks so lovely".  And so happy was I -- when going along this Chi Ma Wan Peninsula hike that began and ended in Pui O, and offered up plenty of views of sea along with land -- to catch sight more than once of the sunlight reflecting off the water and creating beautiful sights that I couldn't help but capture them for posterity with my camera and share them in this blog entry! :)

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