Saturday, July 25, 2015

Regular sights for Norwegians but not so much for the rest of us! (Photo-essay)

For the first seven years after returning to Asia, I didn't leave the continent even once (well, if one were to look upon Turkey as an Asian rather than/as well as European country, as during that time, I did vacation in Istanbul!).  One big reason was because after decades spent living outside of my home continent, I decided that I wanted to get to know it better -- and consequently have made my first visits to mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam, along with revisiting the likes of Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Macau (and, of course, Hong Kong while I was living in Malaysia, and vice versa!).        

Beginning in 2010 though, I started venturing beyond Asia once more.  After my visits to Germany and Luxembourg, I've been inspired to write lists of things I learnt about the countries after holidaying in them.  Considering how much I've already written about Norway in recent weeks (e.g., here, here and here!), however, I don't think I need to do so for this incredibly scenic Nordic country.  Instead, here's offering up eight more photos of the kind of scenery and sights that caught my eye during a vacation that both my mother and I thoroughly enjoyed... :)

This is what it looked like on the waterfront
after 10pm in Bergen one night in early June! 

What passes for regular scenery on the Norwegian coast ;b

prepared me for the sight of those I caught sight of in Norway!

 Now this really is off-piste skiing... :O

Sometimes humans and nature combine to produce 
picturesque sights

At other times, Mother Nature doesn't need any help
to create beautiful scenery

 The large amount of birds at Havøysund's port area
provide clues as to how rich with fish the nearby waters are!

 When the sun shines on the sea, land and snow in Norway,
it can produce truly awesome sights :)


Bill said...


A good selection of photos which visually condense the memorable scenery of your cruise.


YTSL said...

Hi Bill --

Thanks. And looking them again, I really did see quite a bit of snow in Norway this past June! ;O