Saturday, July 6, 2013

Go and Observe children (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

In combination, this week's Photo Hunt themes chosen by Sandi  and Gattina posed quite the challenge for me.  This since, to put it mildly, it's hardly my inclination to go and observe children, never mind go and take pictures of them!  

If truth be told, I'm actually a bit leery of taking photos of children, be they those I'm related to or not, and putting them up online.  And when I do so, I do try to make a point of making sure that their faces are not visible -- as in the case in all of the photos on this blog entry.  

In addition, without consciously doing so, I've since realized that I also do appear to be sure to include the children's parents in the photos.  Looking at the ones above, I think their presence actually adds to the pictures -- and I do particularly like that this post's top-most shot is one of a mother observing her child as he moves around near the water's edge at one of Okinawa's beautiful beaches.

Should anyone wonder, the two other photos in this entry were taken in Hong Kong -- with the middle photo having been taken at the Hong Kong Wetland Park. Oh, and with regards to the third photo from the top, those who suspect that my attention was drawn first and more to the kawaii Rilakumma-shaped backpack on the back of the child in the photo than the child herself really do know me well indeed! ;b


Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, lol before reading your last paragraph, I sure did think that you probably took that last photo because you were attracted to the girls backpack. :) I also like the photo of the mother and her child. Very sweet.

Thank so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

Whenever I bring my young son or nephews out, I seldom let them out of my sight for long. With me watching over them, accidents still do happen you know. Boys. *shake head*

Gattina said...

I have not a lot of occasions to take pictures of children, my grandson lives too far and I only see him once in a while !

MaR said...

Nicely done, love your pictures... and the backpack!! Happy weekend :)

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

You really know me! Thanks for visiting and commenting as usual. Hope you have a good weekend too. :)

Hi EastCoastLife --

I knew a pair of Singaporean brothers who went young used to fight each other like crazy. Hope that's not the case with your son and nephews!!! Boys indeed... ;b

Hi Gattina --

I get the feeling you still have lots more pictures of children than I do nonetheless!

Hi Mar --

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. That backpack... lucky for the girl it wasn't a Totoro one. Otherwise... ;b

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Wonderful shots. I love all the colors and shapes in the first one.

Susan Demeter said...

Great pics YTSL. THe backpack is fun! I have a wee owl one :)

magiceye said...

Wonderful takes on the dual themes

YTSL said...

Hi Kara --

Thanks for appreciating my photos. :)

Hi Sue --

Oooo re your wee owl backpack. Are you going to take a photo to share some time? ;b

Hi magiceye --

Thanks once again! :)

Anonymous said...

great take on the theme. i don't set out to take photos of kids per se, they seem to be on the "scene" that attracts me.

Carver said...

I think you did a great job combining the themes. I am the same way about photographing children but my rule is if the shot is the kind of thing that turns up in local newspapers then I don't worry about it. What I mean is photographers will take pictures at festivals or even at parks to accompany print articles. Although this time I didn't use crowd shots it's similar in that the children could be any child and wouldn't likely be recognized.

YTSL said...

Hi ewok1993 --

I have to 'fess up and say that I often deliberately avoid places that I know will have lots of kids about... but it's also true enough that one sometimes can't help but end up having kids in one's photos. ;b

Hi Carver --

Thanks for your comments. And your photographing children 'rule' makes sense to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Great shots! It was a tough week although the 'GO' theme provided many openings.

YTSL said...

Hi JDeQ --

I think it was a particularly tough week for those of us who don't live with, among, etc. children! ;b