Sunday, July 7, 2013

Questions for other bloggers using Blogger (Urgent!)

Is anyone else having problems seeing the menu page and/or having some (but not all) photographs cease to be visible on their blog?  If so, please let me know.  (I'm wondering if mine is the only one affected -- and for the record, I've been noticing these bugs only in the past 48 hours or so.  Also, I'm using Mozilla Firefox, if it makes any difference.)  Also, if anyone has any solutions to these problems, PLEASE let me know.

Thank you


eastcoastlife said...

I don't have the problems you mentioned and I check a few of your posts, I can see the photos and menu page.

YTSL said...

Hi EastCoastLife --

Thanks for responding!

Can you see all three photos in my "Go and Observe children (This week's Photo Hunt themes)" post? The bottom one is regularly missing when I look.

Also missing are the two middle photos on the "Typhoon warning be damned -- this year's July 1 rally still went on! :)" post. (There should be a total of 4 images there.)

And also the top-most photo in "The photographers' as well as filmmakers' delight that is Nam Sang Wai" post. (Again, there should be a total of 4 photos there.)

lissa said...

for photohunt post - I see 3 images and two logos/badages. and I see 4 photos in the other two posts

I've never have this problem before so I do not have a solution. whatever it was, it was probably fixed by now.

hope you have a great day.

YTSL said...

Hi lissa (and also EastCoastLife) --

Are you using a web browser that's not Mozilla Firefox? If so, I guess it's a Mozilla/Blogger incompatibility -- in which case I hope it gets fixed soon as my preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox.


Steve_Yorkshire said...

All looks fine from distant - and surprisingly sunny - Yorkshire in Northern UK. Using Firefox.

Probably just a temporary time-out from the server populating in your neck of the woods.

YTSL said...

Hi Steve_Yorkshire --

Thanks for commenting.

Yeah, it does seem to be a Firefox-Blogger compatibility problem -- in particular, *my* Firefox. At least I've narrowed that down -- and can put my mind at ease with regards to such as photo theft, etc.

nulle said...

YTSL, u aware that fragrant harbours page been malfunctioning july 1- july 6th. I suspect similr problems to yours, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I suggest you clear your "cache" in Firefox.

Anonymous said...


How to clear the Firefox cache:

Easy peasy.

YTSL said...

Hi nulle --

I've been seeing The Fragrant Harbour's pages fine -- so was not aware it looked like it was malfunctioning for some.

More than BTW, an update: I can now see stuff on the page -- so maybe service is slowly being restored somehow!

Hi Anonymous (X2?) --

That may be one option. Am exploring a couple of others now -- thanks for the suggestion!

just me said...

I have had that problem with Firefox too. So I have been using Google Chrome to post on my blog.

It's weird though, I only have this problem with Firefox on this particular computer. No problem on the Linux machine at work, no problem on my other Win7 workstation at home, no problem on my android phone.

Random photos just won't show up in Firefox on this computer which is also a Win7 Pro comp, like my other workstation. The version of Firefox that has been giving me this problem is Firefox 22.

just me

YTSL said...

Hi all --

Update: things now seem back to normal -- as in I can see what was previously missing once more!

Re the menu page: last night, I went to it once more and magically, without my having done anything, it was now visible.

Re the invisible photos: I tried replacing a couple of them -- as in deleted the ones there and then replaced them with the same image from my photo archive -- and that seemed to work.

Even better, when I cleared my Firefox cache (as suggested by the helpful Anonymous one), all the images became visible.

Thanks to all for replying and helping me narrow things down re what was happening, etc. Much appreciated! :)

just me said...

That is so weird... I could have sworn I posted twice last night and both comments seem to have gone thru'.

The first comment disappeared so I wrote a second and made sure to look that it was successfully posted before shutting now.

Now both comments are lost in space... how odd...

Well, my comments aren't that important or that helpful... but still... it's kind of strange that they disappeared. :( Will try and post this from a Linux machine using a different version of Firefox to see if it disappears too.

YTSL said...

Hi "just me" --

I just restored your first post (but deleted your identical second post). For some reason, Blogger decided your comments were spam!

Strange too that you had the same problem as me -- to judge by how I solved it, it seems to be a cache problem. So do as anonymous suggested above in this thread!

just me said...


Thanks!! I will try what was suggested. :)


YTSL said...

Hi again "just me" --

Good luck, and hope it works for you like it did for me. :)

Emilie said...

Hi YTSL, I accidentally deleted instead of publishing your comment, sorry! Yes you are quite right, it was a 4-seater plane, a fantastic experience. Hope you're well and that blogger's fixed! Haven't checked your blog since google reader was discontinued- need to find an alternative!

YTSL said...

Hi Emilie --

Haha re your having accidentally deleted my comments on your blog and thanks for coming over to tell me that! The blog seems okay for now -- touch wood. I never ever used Google Reader, so sorry, can't pass on any alternative recommendations!

T said...

Hi there,

It would seem your title photo of Yuen Chuen Ancient Trail usually located in the upper left is now gone.

YTSL said...

Hi T --

Thanks for noticing that pic! I removed it when I was having those other picture problems as I wondered if it was slowing down the loading of the pics on my blog pages.

I'm thinking of restoring that pic/section... and you've made me think I should since at least you noticed it's gone missing and told me about it!