Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flash and Graffiti/Street Art (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

When hunting through my photo archive for suitable shots for this week's entry for both Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunt, I found a number of nice snaps taken with a flash and a few shots of street art that I could have used if I opted to take part in just one of the two photographic memes rather than both combined.  Happily though, I also did find images that do work for both Photo Hunts -- if one takes "street art" to mean more than just graffiti (which, frankly, I do -- and so does Wikipedia! ;b)

More specifically, this blog entry's photographs were taken in Macau's famous Largo de Senado (AKA Senado Square) and the surrounding picturesquely paved street area.  The top two pictures were taken on a visit in October 2010 -- when decorations for the Mid Autumn Festival were in place in the area while the bottom photo of a beautifully lit-at-night St. Dominic's Church was taken on another visit to the former Portuguese enclave in the Pearl River Delta.

Funny but true: every time I've visited Macau, I've found myself gravitating to this area.  But while its aesthetic quality is undeniable, more often than not, it's because I am craving a gelato from Lemoncello Gelato, a small but cool local gelatoria located a few doors away from the Lou Kau Mansion. For while I can be quite the culture vulture, I have to admit that my visits to -- and itinerary when in -- Macau tend to be primarily dictated by foodie concerns!! ;b  


auntpearl said...

Now these are gorgeous photos. Great for flash! Thanks for sharing.

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, your photos are really beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. I think I may have to put Macau on my must see list too. If I am lucky enough to find myself there, I shall have to also visit Lemoncello Gelato. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

magiceye said...

Beautiful takes indeed!

YTSL said...

Hi Pearl --

You're welcome re the sharing and welcome back to Photo Hunting. :)

Hi Trekcapri --

Macau is an interesting place -- and great for camera bugs, as I hope you can see from my photos. :)

Hi magiceyes --

Thank you!

Gattina said...

Beautiful and sparkling street art !

Anonymous said...

oh those are art you captured truly.

eastcoastlife said...

I have yet to visit Macau, I believe I will love this place seeing your beautiful pictures.

At least there is something to look forward to rather than lose money in the casinos. :)

Anonymous said...

Love coming upon those beautiful displays of outdoor light when I'm walking about a city. Such a happy flash of colour.

Great shot for this week's theme.

Have a good weekend.

Susan Demeter said...

Hahaha food often dictates places I go out of my way to visit too! Just this morning I getting set to travel to a farmer's market outside of the city. Sure there is a pretty little town, but the yummy baked goods and fresh vegetables are calling! Great photos for both themes and have a wonderful weekend!

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm here to view your 'flash'....and enjoyed viewing what you have shared with us this week.


YTSL said...

Hi Gattina --

Am glad you think so. :)

Hi ewok1993 --

Thank you! :)

Hi EastCoastLife --

Believe it or not, I've never gambled at the casinos in Macau. My mother and I visited the Venetian Macao once but we didn't spend -- never mind lose -- a single pataca there!

Hi JDeQ --

I think you'd love it here in Hong Kong as well as Macau during the lantern festival... ;)

Hi Sue --

Foodies of the world unite -- and you have a good weekend too. :)

Hi Hootin Anni --

Thanks for visiting. Am glad you like what you found here this week. :)

Annie said...

I love the lighting and colors in these photos. And my mouth is watering at the thought of limoncello gelato!

Carver said...

The photographs are stunning. I love the lighting. I could use some gelato to offset the unbearable heat.

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Stunning shots!

mine's up:

YTSL said...

Hi Annie --

Glad you like those elements in the photos. Re the gelato: I've had a variety of flavors from there -- including mango and lychee, both fairly standard in this part of the world but really lovely all the same. :)

Hi Carver --

Am glad you like the photos and gelatos are indeed great to help give some respite from the heat! :b

Hi Mariposa --


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Lemoncello Gelato~ that would be perfect right about now!
I hope you have a 'Zany' week~

YTSL said...

Hi Sandi --

I wouldn't mind having a gelatoria near where I live either... ;b

CherryPie said...

A very nice set of photos for the theme :-)

YTSL said...

Hi CherryPie --

Thanks -- and I'm glad you visited and commented even after the weekend. (And yes, here's confirming that I do get alerts re comments even on "older" entries.) :)