Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spotted (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

What do the two photos in this entry have in common? Nothing really -- apart from their both: a) having been taken in Hong Kong; and b) conforming, at least in my eyes, to this week's Photo Hunt theme.

More specifically, the first photo is of an unusual-looking spotted sea creature (that I spotted while on a visit Ocean Park, the Big Lychee's largely aquatic-themed amusement park that's also famous for being home to two Giant Pandas) while the second photo shows the kind of urban scene that has become very familiar to me -- seeing as I snapped that shot while commuting to work; only the view on offer is more spotted than it otherwise could have been because it was taken on one of Hong Kong's many rainy days and rain drops had splattered on the window through which I was taking the photo! ;)


Carver said...

What a great looking sea creature. I also like your spotted city shot through the raindrops. Happy weekend.

jmb said...

That surely is a spotted fish. LOL.

Happy weekend YTSL.

bing said...

ha ha how creative photohunters are! nothing's common but they're both spotted by your curious eye.

interesting creature in the first photo. is it from the fish family or is it a mammal?

annie said...

Wow, that is one wild looking sea creature! Kind of freaky but definitely spotted. And the spotted photo is great too. Happy weekend to you!

LifeRamblings said...

that is one exotic looking sea creature. glad you spotted it.

eastcoastlife said...

eeeek.... that's an ugly sea creature!
I doubt any predator would have an appetite for it. haha....

Randi said...

This beautiful and exotic creature looks dangerous...*smile*. I love the scenery of the city through the raindrops on your window. But I hate the rainy season in HK.
Happy weekend.

COOKIE said...

that is definitely a spotted little critter...great take on the theme :)

jams o donnell said...

Wow now that is one impressive fish! Great take on the theme

Hootin' Anni said...

Is that a fish...or an eel...or some other sea creature. Creepy looking none the less.

I spotted something spotted a TREE Hope you can find time to view my photo hunt choice today.

Happy Weekend.

gengen said...

Good choice for the theme. Happy hunting...Mine is up.

Gattina said...

That really is a strange fish ! I didn't know that it often rains in Hongkong, certainly not as often like in Belgium. It's even amazing that I still have feet and not flippers.

candi said...

Cool takes on the theme. Your second photo take is indeed creative:)

Happy weekend!

RJ Flamingo said...

Very cool spotted creature - and your "spotted cityscape" is ideal, though I would have expected heavier trafficl :-D

Kim, USA said...

Amazing sea creatures it has spot all over that looks unique. Thanks for sharing!

Spotted Bunny

Colleen said...

cool spotted sea creature!

YTSL said...

Hi Carver --

Thanks -- and happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi jmb --

Actually... I'm not completely sure it's a fish -- hence my just leaving it at "sea creature"! ;)

Hi bing --

I'm not sure re that creature; jmb, OTOH, seems certain it's a fish! :D

Hi Annie --

Thanks for liking both those photos. :)

Hi Life Ramblings --

And I'm glad Photo Hunt has given me an opportunity to put up my photo of it! ;b

Hi EastCoastLife --

I'm sure that omnivores that we are, we both have eaten far uglier creatures! :DDD

Hi Randi --

I sympathise re hating the rainy season. The onset of the one in the spring usually spells a halt to regular hiking for me for a few months... :S

Hi Cookie --

Spotted -- yes. Little -- actually maybe not! ;b

Hi jams --

Thanks and hmmm re your being another person convinced that's a fish. ;)

Hi Hootin' Anni --

Don't know what it is but agree re the creepy bit!

Hi gengen --

Thanks -- and happy hunting to you too. :)

Hi Gattina --

Haha re your feet, not flippers, comment. But yes, it does rain a lot in Hong Kong -- an average of over 2000 mm a year, in fact!

Hi Candi --

I wasn't trying to be creative... though I must say I welcomed the opportunity presented by this Photo Hunt to make use of that photo... ;b

Hi RJ Flamingo --

Compared to many other places I live in (notably the US but also Malaysia), Hong Kong is not a very car-centric place. And while there are many buses, mini-buses and taxis, the great people mover are trains which largely run underground.

Hi Manang Kim --

Thanks for visiting! :)

Hi Colleen --

Cool that you think so! :)

Lisa said...

The one of the fish is especially wonderful.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Great photohunt!
Next week is a real challenge.

Marites said...

that's an impressive spotted sea creature:) I've been to Ocean Park twice and each time, I was impressed with what I had seen there. Happy weekend!

lissa said...

I like the rainy shot, I find rain to be a great subject for photography even in their blur form

marta said...

Both are perfect for the theme. I love visiting aquariums and that is a great picture of the eel. And nice to see a picture of HK even in the rain.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

That sea monster is creepy!!! But perfect for today! And I love your creativity with the rain spots-- perfect!

Scott Law said...

Both those work great but I like the first one best. Certainly another interesting theme with lots of different takes. I’m glad I came and saw yours.

I took a little different angle. You can drop by and check mine here.

Marie said...

A lovely sea creature. U´re right my post was taken in september 2009.

Susanne said...

Wow, lovely sea creature with all his spots.

A. said...

Two great choices. The sea creature is spotty indeed! I had been hoping for spots of rain myself but snow fell instead, so I had to improvise. :)

Unknown said...

That first fish looks a bit too scary looking for me!

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

Great picture. Happy PH! :-)

Mine is here! -> Mariposa's PH

YTSL said...

Hi Lisa --

Funnily enough, I had forgotten I took that photo until I searched in my archives this week! :D

Hi Sandi --

I know what you mean... in that it'll be a challenge to come up with interesting photos even if seemingly any picture would fit the theme! :)

Hi Marites --

Snap -- I have been to Ocean Park twice only thus far too. I know, I know... but the crowds, the crowds there! :S

Hi Lissa --

With a blog entitled The Memory of RAIN... yes, well, figured you like rainy pictures (along with your excellent cloud studies). :)

Hi Marta --

Most of my photos are of Hong Kong. So visit more regularly to ese them! ;b

Hi "Mrs Mecomber" --

Thanks for appreciating both photos. :)

Hi Bull Rhino --

You're becoming a regular visitor! Hope you enjoy what you get to see over here and keep on visiting. :)

Hi Marie --

Re your photo: aaah, I so miss those autumns that yield beautiful colored leaves...

Hi Suzanne --

Hehe, yep!

Hi A. --

Guess it's still pretty cold where you are, huh? ;S

Hi Expat Traveler --

I know what you mean... ;b

Hi Mariposa --

Thanks and happy photo hunting to you too. :)

magiceye said...

cool take on the theme!

witsandnuts said...

I loved that you posted a photo of HK taxi. I miss the taxis there, believe it or not. =)

YTSL said...

Hi magiceye --

Glad it's pleasing to your eye... ;b

Hi wits and nuts --

Oooo... did you used to live in Hong Kong then? :)

Unknown said...

what an interesting creature. the spotted glass is creative.:p

bonggamom said...

I love how you feature HK in your posts.

Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt post!

YTSL said...

Hi Luna Miranda --

Glad you like both photos. :)

Hi Bonggamom --

Well... I do live in Hong Konga after all and am out and about a lot. So it's only natural... ;)