Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pink (Photo Hunt redux)

For a previous pink-themed Photo Hunt back in 2007, I opted to focus attention on pink urban sights in Hong Kong. So I thought it'd be good to go to the other extreme and focus on pink natural sights beyond as well as in the Big Lychee.

More specifically, the three photos of pink flowers above were taken (from top to bottom): while out hiking in the Wan Tsai peninsula in northeast Hong Kong; in the garden of my family home in Penang; and while visiting the Kokoen Garden in Himeji, Japan. (BTW, hope the Penang flower qualifies as pink - it looked very pink to me when viewed on its own but seems purplish compared to the other flowers...)

And for the record, all these photos were taken after I put up the first pink Photo Hunt entry back in October 2007. Also, something else I found interesting that the vast majority of my post 2007 pink photos either are of flowers or were taken on special occasions (e.g., Chinese New Year or -- as was the case with last week's Photo Hunt photos -- Tam Kung's birthday)!


eastcoastlife said...

Lovely pink flowers! I like pink.

eastcoastlife said...

haha.... I'm also the First Commenter of your post!

Congrats to both of us. :P

candi said...

I love the pink flowers.
Great collection.

Happy weekend.

Unknown said...

wow - so pretty in pink!

Leslie said...

Love your pink flowers for this week. :)

Carver said...

Those are all gorgeous flower shots. Great choices. Happy weekend.

YTSL said...

Hi East Coast Life --

Wow what coincidence re our both being first commentators on the other's Pink post! ;b

Hi Candi --

Thanks and happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi Expat Traveler --

I think so too! :)

Hi Leslie --

Thanks! :)

Hi Carver --

Thanks, and happy weekend to you too! :)

witsandnuts said...

I've never seen these flowers yet. My take is already about flowers. Happy weekend!

Upcountrysmiles said...

Very pretty pink flowers. Love the orchid one:)
Hope you'll have time to visit my pinks:)
Thank you,
Cindy O

LifeRamblings said...

those are gorgeous pink flowers. very well captured.

Gattina said...

Beautiful flowers ! I think I have never seen such.

Bengbeng said...

it look pink enough to me :)

A. said...

Lovely flowers, and very exotic to my eye. The Penang flower qualifies as pink - shocking pink I think. :)

jams o donnell said...

I do love your choices this week. THe flowers are all exquisite! Happy weekend

Annie said...

These lovely pink flowers are so beautiful (and different looking than the ones I posted). It's fun to compare flowers around the world! I too realized there's a fine line between pink and purple. :)

Thanks for visiting mine and have a great weekend.

Dragonstar said...

Pink comes in a lot of shade, and you don't need any excuse to post photos as beautiful as these!

Patricia said...

Very lovely. I'm all about pink flowers, as I'm sure you noticed! =)


JC said...

I like your natural pink as well as your urban pink... wow, time really flies... I was lurking back then, lol.

lissa said...

love them all, especially the middle one - I think it's bit more violet but it's pink

Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, very pretty pink choices for this week's theme. I love all the shades of pink in your photos. You have a cool blog. Have a great weekend.

SabineM said...

Lovely pink flowers.. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely shots. The flowers are wonderful!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Pat said...

So very beautiful!!!

Happy Weekend.

jmb said...

Those are lovely photos YTSL. Funny how we both thought about our old Pink hunt.

I love that last one, it's a Kalmia latifolia or mountain laurel and I have always loved it. You don't see it often here although it grows very well in this climate. Was it wild?

Happy weekend to you.

YTSL said...

Hi witsandnuts --

Yeah, have noticed lots of flowers about this week -- and a great variety of them too! :)

Hi Upcountrysmiles --

Yes, I did have time to visit -- albeit only on my Sunday morning (but still your Saturday evening!).

Hi Life Ramblings --

Thanks! :)

Hi Gattina --

So... maybe you need to come out to eastern Asia some time? ;b

Hi Bengbeng --

Thanks for that vote! ;b

Hi A. --

Heheh re your comment re the Penang being not only pink but, specifically SHOCKING pink. :)

Hi Jams --

Thanks for thinking so -- and happy weekend to you too. :)

Hi Annie --

Hear, hear re pretty much all of what you wrote! :)

Hi Dragonstar --

Thanks! :)

Hi Patricia --

Yeah, definitely noticed your pink flower penchant! ;b

Hi JC --

Time does indeed fly... especially in good (and busy) times! ;b

Hi Lissa --

Shocking pink is how A described it above! ;b

Hi Trekcapri --

Thanks -- especially as it sounds like you checked out other sections of the blog besides the Photo Hunt entry! Hope you come and visit some more. :)

Hi SabineM --

I think so too! :)

Hi Sherry --

Thanks! :)

Hi Pat --

And thanks to you too! :)

Hi JMB --

Thanks for the ID of the flowers in the bottom photo. In answer to your question: No, they were found in the Kokoen cultivated Garden.

bing said...

pink flowers abound for this week's theme! i am not a lover of pink but i love pink roses the best!

Unknown said...

lovely pink flowers. they're pleasing to the senses.

YTSL said...

Hi bing --

Sorry there are no roses on my Photo Hunt entry!

Hi Luna Miranda --

I agree that those flowers are pleasing to the senses. :)

Randi said...

Great selection of pink - all of them are wonderful. I love the orchide from Penang - it´s gorgeous! I wish I could grow them in my garden - I have to keep them in the orangerie due to the climate.

Liz Hinds said...

The last flower in particulr is lovely and unusual.

MaR said...

I love pink in nature!!

YTSL said...

Hi Randi --

Yes, I can imagine that the Scandinavian climate wouldn't be conducive to hot house flowers! But at least you have an orangerie to grow them in...

Hi Liz --

Wish I knew its name but agree with you that it's lovely! :)

Hi Mar --

Same here! :)

Gattina said...

If you want to see my post about Venice and the photos go here :

YTSL said...

Hi Gattina --

Another blog??? ;b