Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink (This week's Photo Hunt theme)

After a two week absence, here's returning to Photo Hunting with a vengeance. Or, at least, with an entry whose three bonus photos make for a four-in-one treat! Also, I must admit that I was initially tempted to make this a Hello Kitty-themed entry; this not least since pink is the color that a lot of people most associate with the internationally renowned cute cat (even though she herself is actually white in color).

Instead, after mulling the matter some more, I've decided to put up some photos that show parts of the other HK that's close to my heart instead. For while moving about Hong Kong this past week, I got to noticing that there does appear to be quite a bit of pink around, including on the walls of various buildings but also the helpful bilingual sign posts that have been erected by the authorities to point people towards various places of interest within the territory.

All in all, even though pink actually isn't one of my favorite colors, I think this is a good thing. This is because -- and I trust that you'll agree after viewing the photos -- the inclusion of some pink into the landscape ensures that the more built-up -- and, in some cases, low rent in the bargain-- sections of 'Asia's World City' won't look as dull, gray and bleak as they otherwise would and could do.


jams o donnell said...

Wow they must surely brigten up the neighbourhood. Nice take on this wek's them. Happy weekend!

RUTH said...

Fabulous pink buildings. Happy Photohunting :o)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Very interesting pink buildings!

Andree said...

there are definitely more pink buildings in the world than i ever realized!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You may be right on more color needed, I am just not sure that it has to be pink of all the options available ;-)

Great shots!

Anonymous said...

That was a fascinating look at your city! Pink is not my favorite color either, so I had to think a lot to come up with a pink picture. I keep running across pics other people have taken that make me realize I still wasn't looking that hard for pinks, because it wouldn't have occurred to me to look for pink buildings!

Great shots!

Siani said...

Great pics of some nice pink buildings. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow--not too many pink buildings around here. :) Great shots.

Katney said...

A very interesting building. It is an interseting shape--built that way, I suppose, to make use of an unusually shaped parcel of land.

YTSL said...

Hi jams o'donnell and Siani --

Thanks and happy weekend to you too! :)

Hi Ruth --

Happy Photohunting to you too!

Hi Amy --

Agreed! :)

Hi Andree --

Know what you mean. Had known about pink buildings in Florida but hadn't realized there would be that many in Hong Kong!

Hi Snoopythegoon --

Heheheh, you're right and yet... ;)

Hi Deb --

Don't know why but had problems leaving a comment on your blog. Hope you can resolve that problem soon as your Photo Hunt entry definitely deserves some compliments. :)

Hi Heather --

I can imagine. So am glad that I could show my fellow Photo Hunters some examples of such! :)

Hi Katney --

Were your comments directed at photo number 2? If so, you may be right there. OTOH, think it was just the style of the time that caused the building in photo number 3 to be with rounded corners. ;)

A. said...

Very, very high-rise and very much how I imagined Hong Kong, before I read your other posts showing the green parts:) The one thing that struck me were all the air-conditioning units - an unusual sight for those of us in temperate Europe.

Anonymous said...

what a very pink building!!

jmb said...

Pink buildings, at least they are different. Another pink hater. since there are so many of them how come there is so much pink around?
Thanks for visiting, happy weekend.

Willow said...

I like pink. Don't see very many pink buildings around these parts, although I do live in a house that has some parts pink on the outside. ;D

Anonymous said...

Interesting how people aren't shy in hanging their underwear to dry.

The pink does seem to brighten the place.

Hong Kong there looks like Chinatown here in New York, very busy and crowded with people and apartment buildings that doubles as stores.

Anonymous said...

We have a pink hotel and a pink hospital in my city. I think a little bit of pink makes the skyline very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Photo number 3 is so good!@!!

Love the expressions on the faces of the family (?) in the front of the photo. Like, what, are you doing taking a picture here!! are you nuts?!!

Pink isn't my favorite color (colour for youze HK folks) but it does add a certain pizazz to otherwise gray/beige living quarters.

YTSL said...

Hi a. --

Actually, by Hong Kong standards, some of those buildings aren't really all that high-rise! Also, yeah, have to say that one (other) reason I thought to put up the photos I have for this entry is to help balance out the views of Hong Kong and show that it does have buildings along with greenery... ;D

Hi tegdirb 92 --

Actually, it's not just one building! ;S

Hi jmb --

I wouldn't call myself an out and out pink hater. At least, not these days. In fact, I even have a couple of pink shirts! ;b

Hi Willow --

You must like pink to have painted some parts of your house pink!!!

Hi Lissa --

"Interesting how people aren't shy in hanging their underwear to dry."

Hahaha, good spot!

Hi Kailani --

Snap re your also having pink buildings in your Photo Hunt entry! :)

Hi sbk --

"Love the expressions on the faces of the family (?) in the front of the photo. Like, what, are you doing taking a picture here!! are you nuts?!!"

Yeah, can you imagine what would happen if I actually focused my camera on them? ;S

Anonymous said...

Very interesting pictures. Been to HK once and... planning for my 2nd trip there. Love the place (= Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,

You like Pink? I didn't know that but you love Hello Kitty,so it's make sense....


Anonymous said...

stop talking hello kitty!!

thats really enough for me!!!!!!!

YTSL said...

Hi Pelfy --

Hope you enjoy your 2nd visit to Hong Kong. :)

Hi Sophia --

I'm okay with pink and in small doses, etc. And yes, well, re loving Hello Kitty... :)

Hi Kenneth Laity --

You may have had enough of Hello Kitty but that's far from the case with me! ;D

Willow said...

haha. No, the house came pink. I didn't have to do any painting whatsoever. ;D

YTSL said...

Hi again Willow --

Aaaah, so I guess the true test will come when it's time to repaint the house... ;)

Willow said...

When time comes to repaint (which may be quite a while), I think I'll try something new/different. Pink isn't a very popular color these days. But lest I leave you thinking I'm living in some pink monstrosity (hm, think of those Hostess pink snowball confections), the house is painted in 3 coordinating colors, one of which is a pale mauve, which is sorta like pink. ;)