Friday, July 17, 2009

Health note

Lao Fu Tze (Old Master Q) and his buddy Potato
(whose film appearances include Master Q 2000)
help teach "cough manners" in Hong Kong ;b

Before anything else: Thank you to those of you who sent good wishes with regards to my mother on the previous blog post's thread and/or via e-mail. The operation looks to have gone well and although she's still in hospital, she came out of intensive care yesterday and I've been able to speak to a surprisingly cheerful- as well as strong-sounding her twice on the phone in the past 36 hours or so.

On a different health note: I recently received an e-mail query from a friend as to the swine flu situation in Hong Kong. Although the patient numbers have continued to rise here along with in the rest of the world, my sense actually is that the initial panic in this territory that was hit hard by SARS a few years ago actually has dissipated somewhat.

On another Hong Kong note: I wonder... have others noticed that the current head of the World Health Organisation is a Hong Kong woman? In any event, here's linking to an interesting recent article in The Guardian on Margaret Chan for those who'd like to learn more about her. :)


ewaffle said...

Great that your mother is recovering well--fervent hopes that she continues to mend.

Very interesting article on Margaret Chan from the "Guardian", which is one of the few bright spots left among newspapers and their websits available in English. H1N1 is clearly still front of the mind stuff in the UK--there are several articles on its impact there on the front page of that issue of the "Guardian".

Margaret Chan has quite a resume, having been the senior public health official during three different epidemics--clearly someone who knows her way around a virus.

There was one frustrating aspect of the article. Aida Edemariam mentions the cute "pink and gilt pig" on Chan's desk in the lead. That is the type of thing that just cries out for a picture! Not so bad, though, when one compares the "Guardian" with the run of most of the English language press, with their coverage pitched to 12 year olds and pages of celebrity scandal dominating the so-called news sections.

Once again, very best wishes for your mother and, while it may not resonate with many, there is a convent of Roman Catholic nuns in Denver, CO, offering their prayers for her continued recovery.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your mom's doing well. I trust you told her that lots of people are sending her positive thoughts! :D

YTSL said...

Hi ewaffle --

Thanks much for your good wishes for my mother -- and organising prayers in a Colorado convent for her! (BTW, I'm not Catholic but I actually spent several years in a convent school... ;b)

Glad you clicked on the link and enjoyed the article on Margaret Chan. Teeheehee re you frustration at not having a picture of the pig but, yes, agree with you that The Guardian is a quality paper.

(It's a pity that the publication I currently write for requires an online subscription. I'd be curious to learn your thoughts re it! ;b)

Hi duriandave --

I actually haven't told her yet. Want her to check out the blog comments herself when she's back at home and able to go online. (But, yes, I'll tell her soon about the e-mails...) :)

Rambling Woods said...

My Mother is finally home after 8 weeks and two major surgeries and time in and out of intensive care. I will keep your Mother in my thoughts that she will do as well as my Mother has in being able to return home to her apartment. It is very stressful...

On of the issues of concern with the H1N1 is the severity of the pneumonia that it causes that is more serious than a typical flu virus...Michelle

YTSL said...

Hi Michelle (Rambling Woods) --

Glad to hear your mother's back and doing well after going through so much. And good luck in keeping the stress levels manageable both for you and her.

YTSL said...

Hi all --

A message from my mother (who e-mails but hasn't yet taken to commenting on blogs):-

"Read your blog and am very happy so many people prayed and showed concern for me. Please convey my thanks to them and let them know that I'm on the road to recovery."