Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Typhoon season really does appear to be upon us!

For a change, blame the typhoon,
not pollution for it not being a clear sky day

When a typhoon nears Hong Kong,
warning signs like this appear in shopping malls,
MTR stations, office blocks and a host of other places

Not the kind of sight one normally sees in
usually bustling Hong Kong on a mid-week afternoon

One Wednesday a few weeks ago, Typhoon Warning Signal 8 was hoisted. Today (another Wednesday, coincidentally...) , it happened again! But while it seemed like June's typhoon Fengshen was strongest in relation to its impact on Hong Kong during the night, Severe Tropical Storm Kammuri was a bigger threat during daytime.

This being the third Typhoon Signal No. 8 I have experienced in Hong Kong, I'm starting to feel like the veteran about these weather phenomena that have long -- and fairly regularly -- impacted the Fragrant Harbour. But perhaps because I have yet to experience anything beyond a "Typhoon 8", I've started to feel calmer about typhoon warnings -- so much so that during one of the storm's lulls today, I decided it was safe enough to go walking and taking photographs around my neighborhood!

On a related note, the unusual calm and quiet that comes over Hong Kong on days like this -- when most public transportation (bar for the MTR) shuts down and shops and offices are closed -- felt less eerie and more peaceful this time around. Still, I'd be glad when we say goodbye to another typhoon and its rainy residue effects as seeing sunshine -- to paraphrase a line from the John Denver song -- does make me happy. ;b


Anonymous said...

Do you live in North Point?

YTSL said...

Hi laicheukpan --

Hmmmmm... do you? :b