Friday, August 1, 2008

The upcoming Olympics and more in Hong Kong

I have my doubts that it really is a case
of One World... One Dream --
still, what's for certain is that the Olympics are
looming over us and the hype for it is already in overdrive!

And now we're in August... the month that has long been awaited by many people around the world, but particularly for the Chinese in China, because it's when the 2008 Beijing Olympics will finally get underway. But while I did contribute some photos to bc magazine's 'Olympictorial' -- and for the record, it wasn't just the Hello Kitty pics! ;b -- my written contributions were by and large what can be considered to be Olympic counter-programming:-

i) Ready, Steady, Go -- Around the World in 80 Days -- a feature article on a musical version of Around the World in 80 Days which will be hitting Hong Kong soon;

ii) Cool Movies for a Hot Season -- The HK International Film Festival's Summer IFF;

iii) Lingerie Lives -- Chan Hing Kar (director of La Lingerie) interview;

iv) The Fox and the Child -- review of Luc Jacquet's follow up to The Emperor's Journey;

v) The Way We Are -- review of Ann Hui's latest which, unfortunately, left cinemas before this issue of the magazine actually streeted!; and

vi) This issue's Editor's Diary.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I hope this Ann Hui flick does not depress me the way the ending of Postmodern Life of My Aunt did -- all that creativity and talent to tell such an unfulfilling story.

And while I'm glad that China has the Olympics, I'm already sick of hearing about them! Am I a heretic?

I can tolerate baseball and college basketball but my tolerance for other spectator sports is very low -- especially once the attendant hype machines kick into high gear!

I bet it would be brutal for me over there, eh?

sbk said...


Thoroughly enjoyed your review of Ann Hui's latest film. Can't wait to see it! I think she's becoming one of my favorite directors.

YTSL said...

Hi Glenn --

Yeah, Ann Hui films have been known to depress me too but "The Way We Are" is not like that -- and all the better for it, I think.

And yeah, count me as a "meeeeeh" re the Olympics person. Don't plan to watch it, as a matter of fact -- though I admit that I'll probably read some news articles on it from time to time!

Hi sbk --

Judging from your 100 Movies list, Ann Hui already IS one of your favorite directors! ;b