Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello Kitty, Telford Plaza and Beijing 2008?! (photo-essay)

As I write this blog entry, it's the eve of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Something which I'm also very aware of -- but people outside of Hong Kong probably aren't -- is that the territory that has HK as its initials is in the throes of another Hello Kitty promotional wave that includes Hello Kitty Messenger dolls currently being on sale at McDonalds. But while this latest Hello Kitty promotion doesn't relate to the Olympic Games and Beijing, one surely couldn't say the same of an earlier one in the spring that turned a section of Telford Plaza into a small slice of heaven for Hello Kitty aficionados like yours truly -- one that I think it's now as good a time as any to present a photo-essay on... ;b

Are we ready?

Ready, that is, for a whole lot of Hello Kitty-ness!

What's this I hear -- that you can only spot
Hello Kitty's friends but not her Kittyness in the photo?

There she is -- in Chinese footballer
(or soccer player in American speak) mode! ;b

Hello Kitty as Chinese ping pong player
(with a panda head cover to really
emphasize the Chinese connection!)

Hello Kitty in champion medalist mode

For some reason, though, it's Badz Maru
-- rather than the champion cute cat
who looks to have been awarded the honor

of being the Chairman Mao equivalent of Sanrioland!


sbk said...


Wow! So kawaii- 可愛い!!! What a delight for kids and adults alike. Her designers do such a good job fitting her into whatever she's promoting.

Is that Hello Kitty with the Terracotta Warriors?

Did you purchase any of the McDonald's Hello Kitty messenger figures? It's a little hard to tell but does she carry a messenger bag?

YTSL said...

Hi sbk --

Writing this while also watching the Olympics opening ceremony... ;b

Hello Kitty with the Terracotta Warriors? Not in my photos, sorry. ;S

Re the Hello Kitty Messengers: What is is that each Hello Kitty's face is supposed to get you thinking of emoticons. And should you wonder: I've got two McDonald's Hello Kitty Messengers so far... :b

sbk said...


In the picture of Hello Kitty "champion medalist" to the right is Hello Kitty on the great wall. The scene below the great wall she's in a yellow dress. Is that a buddha behind her? Not a Terracotta Warrior?

YTSL said...

Hi again sbk --

Yes, it looks like a Buddha statue rather than Terracotta Warrior to me. Not sure which one though -- maybe one of those in Dunhuang?

Willow said...

LOL. Only Yvonne would tie Hello Kitty's initials with "HK."

I saw pics of some outdoor Hello Kitty sculptures at one of the NYC museums (can't recall which one). They were huge and still cute. Even with one tear rolling down its face. What's the significance of that tear? Dunno.

YTSL said...

Hi Willow --

Well, I hope that post reading my observations, my readers will equate the two HKs (Hong Kong and Hello Kitty) with each other... ;b

Oooo... Hello Kitty sculptures outside a New York museum??? Re the tear: It could be part of the Hello Kitty Black Wonder role-playing game (in which players have to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel who have been captured and imprisoned in a castle) that Hong Kong recently also had. ;b