Saturday, July 6, 2019

A de-stressing hike in the vicinity of Devil's Peak with plenty of interest to see (Photo-essay)

A friend of mine living in the US asked me today whether Hong Kong had come to a standstill since all these (sometimes visibly huge) protests have been going on.  I pointed out that people are continue to work by and large since the anti-extradition bill protests tend to take place either on weekday evenings or on weekends and public holidays.  Also, it really is true that much of Hong Kong does feel quite normal even while all this has been going on, with people still doing such as going out to bars and restaurants, to watch movies, and even go hiking -- with a friend of mine doing so this past July 2nd to help him de-stress!

During my first few years in Hong Kong, de-stressing was one major reason that I went hiking as often as I did (i.e., regularly once a week throughout the year).  And while I don't go as often these days, I still have quite the backlog of hike excursion photos I like to share.  So here's doing so this evening with ones from a welcome afternoon out in the countryside without actually setting foot within any of Hong Kong's country parks or special areas -- for yes, there really are lots of green areas in the territory that aren't country parks (or special areas) too!

 Early on in the hike, the route taken went along

 Rather than stick strictly to the Wilson Trail, my hiking friend and I
would do such as detour up to the top of Devil's Peak

I've been up Devil's Peak to the ruined redoubt many times now
but I feel like I spot something "new" and interesting there on each visit
-- in this case, an upside down bit of stone signage

  The view down to Lei Yue Mun from atop Devil's Peak
 An interesting caterpillar to add to my "critters spotted" list ;b

Signage on the ground at Sam Ka Tsuen 
pointing to the trail we had just come along

View over to Tseung Kwan O from the edge of the

A scenic place that's a shutterbug's delight, it also looks 

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