Thursday, July 4, 2019

An attempt to spread cheer on Funassyi's 1881st birthday (Photo-essay)

I really wish it wasn't the case but news of anti-extradition bill protester suicides keep on coming.  After returning home from a nice dinner with a friend this evening, I found out about a hitherto politically active young woman who decided to end her life this week.  Almost needless to say, it's hard to keep one's spirits up in Hong Kong these days if you actually care about the fate of this territory and its people, and don't want it to end up being repressed all the more by the powers that be.  

Which is why when one finds something -- or someone -- that can make one smile, laugh and cheer up, one really treasures it, her or him.  In my case, one of the more reliable dispensers of joy in these dark times is the ridiculously lovable as well as whimsical Pear Fairy from Funabashi whose fun-image-filled Twitter page I regularly check.  And it's on dear Funassyi's 1881st birthday that I've put together the following photo-essay documenting my visits to the flagship Funassyiland in Funabashi and another Funassyiland located within the Harajuku Kiddyland on my visit to Japan two months ago, much of which I've still to blog about...
 Behold, the entrance to a happy place! :)

Rest assured that there's plenty of Funassyi-themed 
merchandise on sale within this Funassyiland!
But within this space are also areas like 
the official photo spot within the store...
...and a wall display with items that will evoke fun memories
for the Pear (Fairy) with the words "fun ass" in its name ;b

The colorful and cute corner of the Harajuku Kiddyland 
that is home to a branch of Funassyiland
There's a part of me that really wanted to 
take that 90cm pajama-ed Funassyi home...
The toilet that Funassyi's made famous via


peppylady (Dora) said...

Never heard of funassyi's

YTSL said...

Hi peppylady --

Check out this video for a fun intro:-

And if you'd like to see more (and be able to actually hear Funassyi speaking), here's the video of the Pear's Anecan fashion shoot:-