Thursday, July 11, 2019

A popular Hong Kong activity that's very much worth the sweaty effort! (Photo-essay)

Hong Kong is full of hiking enthusiasts.  Every one in a while though, I'll encounter someone who absolutely can't understand why people would willingly go hiking as they look upon it as involving too much sweaty effort as well as the kind of people who look at anything "wild" as something to be scary, harmful and consequently to be avoided like the plague!

More often than not, these people who look upon me like I'm insane when I tell them that easy access to good hiking trails is one of the pleasures of living in Hong Kong will have never actually given this particular activity a try.  When I learn this, I often find myself wanting to take them out to some place like Tai Tam Country Park and, if they're fit enough, up to the likes of Siu Ma Shan and Mount Butler, from where they can see wondrously scenic vistas on a clear day -- and then expect that they might then be able to see some merits to hiking in the Big Lychee... :)

In Hong Kong, one often goes from city to country, and also from 
sea level up over a hundred meters above that, in just a matter of minutes ;b
 One quick way to change elevation quickly is to ascend 
For the record: yes, I do pause for breaks when going up it
-- to catch my breath as well as drink in the views ;b
The view to the north from Mount Butler
The significantly less urban view to the south 
from the same Hong Kong Island peak!
Only after I got to hiking in earnest in Hong Kong did I realize
that the central part of Hong Kong Island is very green!
 It's indeed well nigh impossible to avoid having to go up 
(and down) lots of steps when hiking in Hong Kong... ;) 
But, as I find myself thinking time and time again,
the views one is then privy to really are worth the effort! :)

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