Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The kind of sights that get me out into the Hong Kong hills on a very hot day (Photo-essay)

The summer of 2018 -- and, for that matter, late spring -- has not been seen few days with optimal weather for hiking.  The past couple of weeks have been on the wet side.  Earlier on (and earlier than usual, since we had an unexpectedly hot May), there were so many "very hot weather warning" days.

I'll readily admit that it can be difficult to get myself out of the air-conditioned indoors to the baking hot outdoors.  But once I manage to drag myself to a well-forested part of Hong Kong, where there's lots of shade courtesy of the vegetation and beautiful plus interesting sights to behold, I often find myself feeling less regretful that I'm out sweating like crazy in the heat and more that I don't go out hiking in Hong Kong's country parks as often as I could... ;b

There are days when I love being in the city and others where I am happy 
to have such easy access to the countryside here in Hong Kong :)
More so than smelling the flowers, I love catching sight of -- 
and snapping photos of -- butterflies perched on them :b
The top of Tai Mo Shan (Big Hat Mountain) is often
obscured by clouds -- but not on that sunny, hot afternoon! 
As the name of this blog indicates, I do have a thing for webs 
and do reckon that some of them are really gorgeous! :)
Spot the stick insect? :b
One of the fatter bodied dragonflies I've seen anywhere!
A beautiful seasonal sight in the Tai Lam Country Park
Signs of civilization peaking through the greenery 

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