Wednesday, October 23, 2019

On the day that the Extradition Bill finally has been formally withdrawn

Hong Kong -- still Asia's World City?
 Things are quite different -- as in more restrictive -- now 
from just four months or so ago but I actually think 
Hong Kong's worth the trouble as well as love

My apologies for the recent radio silence but I decided it would be a good idea to take some time off from being online and also being in Hong Kong.  So two Tuesdays ago saw me flying off to Japan once more; this despite my not yet having finished blogging about my May trip to the Land of the Rising Sun
Despite my still having protest dreams and nightmares pretty much nightly, I actually do think that this short break was helpful as well as enjoyable.  And yes, I do feel that it's important these days to be mindful of one's psychological along with physical health -- as the past few months of protest and trouble in the city I have called home for some 12 and half years now have had quite the negative impact on many people's mental health.

In other words: the unrest has continued, with casualties mainly one the protester and bystander sides.  And regular Hong Kongers are still out resisting -- the majority using non-violent methods -- being suppressed by the government, including its increasingly brutal and ill-behaved police arm.
I think the vast majority of people in Hong Kong are agreed that things would have been so very different if the Hong Kong government (and/or its masters over in Beijing) had acceded more swiftly to protester demands.  Instead, the powers-that-be decided to play the waiting game -- and, in so doing, have cost Hong Kong dear.  
Perplexingly, Beijing has apparently also decided to hold off replacing Carrie Lam until March even while having already realized that she needs to go.  For some reason that I honestly can't quite understand, it seems that they are figuring that they don't lose as much face by not acting quickly on this matter.  
Even more frustrating to many Hong Kongers is the sense that having Carrie Lam step down is not going to help matters much.  She is undoubtedly highly unpopular but there's a definite feeling that the system is broke with regards to the selection of Hong Kong's Chief Executive since, after all, none of the holders of this office have exactly covered themselves in glory.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Good to know. While I use BACH's music and by reading techno-thrillers to get away from pressure and dread, you travel. Nice.

Ah, I sent you a short message the other day and I spotted the concert ad at Pacific Place. Do consider it as Alice Sara Ott is one of the young ones that shined.

I would likely be on standby duty thus unable to attend. I could only resolve to her CDs or youtube for this at the moment.


YTSL said...

Hi T --

Well, this was my first time out of Hong Kong since May but, yes, the travel was indeed de-stressing and rejuvenating. Actually, more usually, my main way to destress involves eating good food and reading crime novels (with my most recent favorite reads including ones by Keigo Higashino and Robert Galbraith) or travel tales!

And yes, I did see your email. Thanks! Will try to respond to it soon!