Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stir and Figurines (This week's Photo Hunt themes)

Context is key.  That's what I realized while looking at photos I've taken of figurines in various locales in Hong Kong and recalling which ones caused a stir upon their being sighted versus those that didn't.  

Since there's no other participant in Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunts who currently resides in the same part of the world as myself, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd be most fascinated by the figurines in the third photo from the top of all of those that are featured in this week's Photo Hunt entry.  But because that photo was taken in a Taoist temple and figurines abound in those places of worship, they more or less meld into the expected background for most locals -- and the particular Peng Chau temple where I took that photo doesn't get all that many visitors. 

In contrast, although I have to admit to no longer being able to remember the name of the artwork or its artist, that which featured a figurine shaped like a soldier in a maze that one had to peek through a small hole in a box in order to see attracted quite a bit of attention at Art HK 12.  Still, that attention was nothing like the stir that the presence of an Arrietty figurine caused when spotted by the more eagle-eyed among us Studio Ghibli fans in the Donguri Republic store that opened in Hong Kong earlier this year! ;b

(A reminder: click on the images to see enlarged versions of them!)


Trekcapri said...

Hi YTSL, your first photo is very intriguing and the second lone figurine in your second even more so. :) Had I gotten this week's theme correct, I probably would've had a few figurines to share. :)

Have a great weekend.

eastcoastlife said...

I am surprised to see so many figurines in the Taoist temple. I like the second picture, resembles a shoot from fairy tale land. :P

YTSL said...

Hi Trekcapri --

I'm surprised I have as many photos of figurines as I do. Was thinking I might have to take some photos of my Hello Kitty figurines especially for this entry... ;b

Hope you have a good weekend too.

Hi EastCoastLife --

Re the second picture: check out Studio Ghibli's Arrietty movie to more fully appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting to learn about this which might cause a stir in other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing!

Have a great weekend.

Carver said...

Great take on the themes. I printed the photohunt lists for both hunts a while back and on my copy Gattina had shadow this week. When I went back to her list after seeing figurines I realized it had been changed. That's happened before so I guess I should check the online lists to make sure they don't change.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We need to stir up some other photohunters in your part of the world! I always enjoy your perspective.
Happy Hunting ~

Bing said...

love the second photo best!

YTSL said...

Hi JDeQ --

Yeah, what's exotic or causes a stir in one part of the world doesn't in another... and vice versa! ;b

Hi Carver --

I just check the night before what's on the Photo Hunt lists -- and I thought I was being overly-prepared as is! ;b

Hi Sandi --

I remember there used to be one other Hong Kong resident Photo Hunter when I first started Photo Hunting... also that there were a lot more Photo Hunters in general. Hope you (and Gattina) will keep it going for some time more despite the fallen numbers as I do enjoy this weekly ritual.

Hi Bing --

Are you a fan of Studio Ghibli then? ;)

Susan Demeter said...

I feel bad I did not check the themes list on Gattina's site or I would have had some good figurine pics to post sigh.... I don't plan too far in advance, but I copy pasted a while back the list so did not see the change.

Love your pics though. In Toronto we do have some neat temples with figurines. I love living in a multi-cultural city We have a little something from everywhere and yes lots of Hello Kitty over here too. So cute! :)

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from Saturday's Photo Hunting Challenge, as another participant. Guess what my figurines were photographed in HK! I am going to follow you as I have a special interest in the region. :)

YTSL said...

Hi Sue --

I enjoyed the one and only visit I made to Toronto years ago. One of my best memories of it involved eating at a Scandinavian restaurant that I liked so much that I went and ate there twice in the one week I was in the city! (And awww re Hello Kitty having a presence in Toronto too!) :)

Hi LindyLou Mac --

Cool re there being photos of Hong Kong by someone else taking part in Photo Hunt this week! And thanks for following me -- apologies for not reciprocating as I haven't done the "following" thing for anyone!