Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sights on a hike from Shek Pik Reservoir to Shui Hau (Photo-essay)

A few years back, a friend and I hiked Section 9 of the Lantau Trail in reverse: i.e., we went from Shui Hau to Shek Pik Reservoir rather than the other way around.  I enjoyed the hike (that produced enough photos to have three photo essays (here, here and here) devoted to it) so much that I decided that it'd be worth going on again.  

So when another friend decided to go on his first hike in Hong Kong, I picked this trail to take him on -- only this time around, the route I went for would take us from Shek Pik Reservoir to Shui Hau (followed by a walk along the road to Tong Fuk where The Gallery dishes out what I consider to be the best pizzas in the Big Lychee!):-
A Lantau Trail marker on the road 
by the dam of Shek Pik Reservoir

Bamboo trees line one side of the path
early on during the hike
 At various points in the trail, views get offered up
of the coastal areas, and waters and islands off it
 At one stage, we also passed by land where
there looked to have recently been a fire

Not much camouflage for a green grasshopper
on brown earth!
 Another grasshopper finds better camouflage
among the green leaves and brown branches

This reclining rock gets me thinking of
Easter Island figures and baboon faces!

Near Shui Hau, we were greeted by the sight of 
kite sailors galore looking like they were having great fun! :)


fredamans said...

Beautiful hiking trail! Love your grasshoppers too, they're much bigger than ours in Canada.

YTSL said...

Hi fredamans --

It really is a nice scenic hiking trail. Interesting to hear that the grasshoppers in Hong Kong are bigger than those in Canada! :)