Monday, October 12, 2009

Travelling woman

Apropos re travel talk in the blog entry below (including its comments thread), an upcoming vacation and also a friend's impending travel abroad...

visited 23 states (10.2%)
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Things are really relative. Compared to many people, I'm pretty well-traveled. (Wanna let me know how you compare? If so, give this meme a spin on your blog!) But looking at the world map indicating where I've been in red above, I realize how much of the world I've actually not set foot in.

Worse, the picture above is actually quite deceptive. This not least since while the United States is completely red in the above map, it's less so in the one down below... :S

visited 28 states (56%)
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Anonymous said...

Oh, you beat me hands down! I may have a little more of Africa and Europe but my States would be very empty and I haven't been anywhere towards the Pacific. Sadly, because I'm still full of wanderlust. :)

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

Someday you I hope you can visit the Northern New England States (Vermont New Hampshire & Maine) which are truly beautiful (well, maybe not so much New Hampshire-hehe).

YTSL said...

Hi Anonymous (A -- is that you?) --

I guess that if you're full of wanderlust, in time, you might have me beat! ;D

Hi sbk --

I know... I wish I ajad made it to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine before I left the US. Don't know when I'll return to the US. In the meantime, there is so much of the rest of the world to see! ;D

kitleiw said...

Aiyoh, you travelled everywhere but not Sabah & Sarawak? :)))

sbk said...

Hi ytsl,

A fun meme. I encourage others to do it too.

YTSL said...

Hi Kit --

Heheheheh... yes, I think the guy who made this game doesn't realise that parts of Malaysia are in Borneo. But, actually, although I HAVE visited Sarawak, I've yet to go to anywhere in Sabah! ;(

Hi sbk --

Glad you had fun. BTW, I had to re-do my map twice -- as the first two times around, I found I had left out a (different) country each time! :D

sbk said...

Hi again ystl,

Haha, I had to re-do my maps too.

I left out Canada which we visit several times a year & is close to us.... and a couple of states we drove through driving cross country...

alejna said...

My total came to 18 countries, but my visits to some of them hardly seem like they should count. (I went to Australia when I was 6 months old, and my only visit to Canada involved driving through for several hours without even stopping at a rest area. But technically, I've been to both places.) Also, my score is heavily waited by Western Europe. I clearly need to see more of the world!

ewaffle said...

Interesting--I am much less traveled than others here. I have been to 18 countries although a couple are a bit dodgy--the map's author counts Puerto Rico as a country and I am not sure if Northern Ireland lights up when the UK is checked although that is the only part of the UK I have visited.

Every place I have visited with the exception of a small dot in the North Atlantic (Ireland) and Italy has been in within the same five time zones GMT-4 thru GMT-8, essentially North America, Central America and the northern tier of South America plus Peru and Chile. Lot so North/South, very little East/West.

I had to redo my map a couple of times and still not completely sure: "Did we ever get to French Guiana that time or just talk about it?" type of thing.

emfarrell said...

Wow, this is a cool app! But so depressing to see so few red blobs on my world conquest. (US quite a bit better—43 states, 86%—but then, I live here!) Looking forward to adding a few more Asia puzzle pieces next month, though.

ewaffle said...

One thing further--I left out countries that I didn't really "visit" but only went at the insistence of the United States Army--Vietnam (then South Vietnam), Thailand (on leave) and the Republic of the Philippines (passing through).

YTSL said...

Before anything else: greetings from Seoul (which I'm visiting for the first time since 1982; and where I have some access to the internet after all)! :) Now to responding to your comments:-

Hi again sbk --

Teeheehee re leaving out Canada! Hope you don't have difficulty telling it apart from the USA!! ;D

Hi Alejna --

FWIW, I didn't count the countries and American states whose airports I've been on transit. OTOH, I counted a country I visited for only a few hours (Zambia -- so I could see Victoria Falls from the Zambian as well as Zimbabwean sides!)...

Hi ewaffle --

Hmmm, sorry, wouldn't consider Puerto Rico a country. But wow re your having visited countries in Central and South America -- parts of the world which I've yet to set foot in. :)

Hi emfarrell --

Cool re your planning to visit more countries in the near future! :)

Hi again ewaffle --

Interesting re your choices to do what you did. I'd actually include at least the first two -- re Vietnam: you must have spent some leisure as well as "work" time there, right?

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

ewaffle said...

Hope you are enjoying your time in Korea--I look forward to your pictures and prose from there. :-)

Re: Puerto Rico, the map author seems to have a slight prejudice toward islands as separate "places" although they are non-selfgoverning outposts of a larger (imperial?) nation, but isn't very consistent. New Caledonia, for example, is the only French Overseas Territory among the many Pacific Islands that France administers that makes the list. (I am a bit of a geography geek/snob).

Horsoon said...

Whoa! Indeed u are well traveled. Do u travel often for business or leisure?

YTSL said...

Hi tagskie --

Thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day yourself. :)

Hi ewaffle --

Have been enjoying my time in Korea. Too bad it's coming to an end soon... :S

And heheh re your being a geography geek/snob. I can be the same way too! ;b

Hi Horsoon --

I have travelled for business but more often for leisure. And, actually, don't feel I travel that much these days compared to previously. Not enough annual leave and, worse, too much work to take leave for the most part! ;(

Expat Traveler said...

I should go and see my maps again. I haven't visited enough places yet.. Only Europe and North America... I've got a long ways to go!!!

YTSL said...

Hi expat traveler --

I'm at the point where I'm feeling a need to re-visit a lot of places I've been before. E.g., I recently re-visited South Korea for the second time; some 27 years after my first visit to that country!

So can't say I've added to that map with that visit... unless you count my few seconds in North Korea at the DMZ -- in which case... ;b